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Move and move along lil doggie...

I have an interview for a new job this Monday.

One door closes. Another opens.

This proves it.

Plus a poal of mine on a US board wrote that he had returned from Douglas Adams land! I love that man... So I am trying to tempt him to come here.

Let us all hope that he does!

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More birthday

Well, looks like life may want me to get moving again. The old job is giving me grief so I think I will get a new one. Cross your fingers for me - I *might* have found one on the internet - let's hope.

I'm just too old now (53) not to be treated like a human with a brain.

I need the basics. LOL

Hugs all round and do stop by the party if you can - free gifts and time traveled clothing on offer. Everything must go. Great food and drink and a live band - Hitch-hiker's Hotel. Suite 42.

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"You say it's your birthday."

Well it is!

I used to share it with my Ma whilst she lived and now share it cross century with Alpha_Cygni.

This also happen to be the birhday of Gene Wilder, Jaques Cousteau and King Kamehameha.

What a weird bunch!

Believe us, we fit!

Oh, and there is a party/happpening in our Presidential Suite 42 at the Hitchhiker's Hotel - so please DO stop by - gifts and goodies galore for any who come.

Hugs all round.

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Finding Neverland

My dear hubby and I just saw Finding Neverland with Johnny Depp and Kate Winslett last night. From what I understand, the release was quite delayed so that the new Peter Pan movie dedicated to Dodi Fayed could have singular showing.

It was a fine movie with an exquisite end which I will not ruin for you. Johnny Depp is my favorite actor and the most attractive man in film to me. Quirky and deep.

It has also gotten me interested in doing some research on James Barrie. He sounds like a fascinating writer. I am curious as to his other writings now.

I am an occasionaly writer. I won't bore you with it unless it actually seems good to me. (I am my toughest critic.)

Well, off to explore this site and join some groups...maybe I will see you there.

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Gardens of Stone

Just saw an amazing movie tonight. Understand that I was born the same year as Douglas (DNA) although three months later... Many of my high school friends went to the Vietnam "war" while I was a Vietnam "war" protester. Rand right into a TV camera while protesting and being (later) tear-gassed. Blew my cover with the parents let me say.

This is an awesome, awesome movie. If you want a clue as to the experience of it, watch this movie. I was snot-nosed crying through the whole last half of it.

Absolutely brilliant work.

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