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Hi Baybeees!

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Love to all within reach.

Things are finally going slightly better for hubby and me so I am on the manic side of my bipolar and SO upbeat that you can get all kinds of love and attention from me in this phase. lol

Enough depression. That is the other side.

"Darn" the day I was born psychic empathic child with borderline everything.

Ahh weel since the sails are full at the moment, I am riding on the delight of the moent and full of good feelings and love - take as much as you wish.

It won't last but it is definitely fun while it lasts - I was invited to three different places tonight.

I love humanity - tis people that I just can't stand, nods to Jogn Lennnon...

Oh oh oh! And I took our Douglas Adams tapes from our library - "Dark Tea Time of the Soul." I am listening tomorrow. I may be vrying the whole time and it might wipe out my manic high but I need to hear his voice. Reports some time tomorrow afternoon or night. I live in Ohio so am 8 hours later than you English folk.

I would love so to send his wife and child a card....anyone know how to do that?

Alrightie - keeping the manic for now....

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Hi Baybeees!

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