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ahh...Key West

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I was there the summer of 97, I think(whenever it was that Princes Diana was killed). I enjoyed it much, although a bit slow moving...Still have friends there though: an artist named Barb Grob. (know her?). I was living right across the street from a place called the Blue Moon, i think. There was a waiter there named Jim that had just had a kid(Noah) with a lady named Jules. Oh, and there was a record store that had just opened named Rainy Day Records. I was there first customer. They were really good people. (I hope I'm not misusing this space) but I'm knew and just stumbled onto your space because of your name. Sunset's are indeed a deeply holy event. Worthy of a moment of observation. Especially there, man. Anyway, I haven't seen these people in a while, so I thought I'd take a chance in case you knew's a small town anyway. By the way, do you know anyone in Bellingham, WA?

ahh...Key West

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Hi, Salveruni!

No such thing as misusing Key West space...

Here's a list of Blues...Blue Heaven (Bahama Village): Cafe Blue (Corner of Simonton and Catherine): Blue Lagoon (across from the ball fields on North Roosevelt : Blue Heron Books (On Truman), and the Blue Parrot Inn on Elizabeth Street.

It seems I do know Jim, Jules, and Noah, but I haven't seen them in a while. You know that people come and go so quickly here...

Rainy Day Records is now a bookstore on Fleming Street, directly across from my apartment!

Since 1997, the Truman Annex has been completed, and the there are two new hotels and four condo complexes at the Salt Ponds. Somedays, four or five cruise ships land, and people are everywhere. This year there were 80,000 people here for Fantasy Fest.

So for at least part of the year, it's a jumping little mecca now. However, August, September, and October are still pretty hot and sleepy.

And last but not least, I don't think I know anybody in Washington...
but I'd like to!

Come see us!

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