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...felt like I was promoting a radio station there smiley - smiley OK to business, welcome to The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy : Sol III Edition smiley - smiley I am Crescent, an Assistant Community Editor, here to meet, greet and generally help out any new members of the community smiley - smiley So, if you have any problems with, or questions about, h2g2, then we are the ones to ask smiley - smiley Click 'reply' below and tell me all about it, I shall do what I can to make your entrance to h2g2 as painless as possible smiley - smiley Well, until later...
BCNU - Crescent

Hello KWDave...

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Naturally, I found the site right when everything in my life was doing it's best to prevent me having any time to properly suss it out.
Thank you for the heads up.

I came to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe on it's initial television run in the UK during my residency there in the 1979-1983 time period (timeline details fuzzy: too many gargleblasters), so I've been a fan for years. TIME Digital ran an article on the site this issue, and re-introduced me to the importance of the Guide. Good to see it come to fruition at last. I trust their plug drew millions of hits.

I was a little surprised that there were no postings relative to Key West, since this qualifies at least as an important stop on the "drink till drunk, and pass out with relatively few repercussions" circuit. How many other locations draw hundreds of thousands of tourists with only the lure of 137 bars in a twelve-block area? Other than New Orleans, I mean.

Of course, it's about the only tropical island you can drive to, and the Florida Keys are home to the only living coral reef in the continental United States. Of course, the population is very forgiving of those whose lifestyles would cause consternation in other, less, uh, enlightened areas. And, aside from those pesky hurricanes that Africa seems to keep sending over, we enjoy pretty great weather year-round.

I just think we deserve at least a nod from H2G2. Are you nodding yet?

Signing off, this is KWDave, the voice of Key West on h2g2...

Hello KWDave...

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Hee smiley - smiley There indeed should be an Entry on Key West smiley - smiley I am nodding, see nod nod smiley - smiley The only living coral reef in North America, that definatly deserves a Guide Entry, but who has the knowledge needed to write it? There is only one man for the job, but his DJing takes up so much time smiley - smiley If you need any advise about style or whatever, please just ask, I will do what I can to help out smiley - smiley Well, got to dash - it is Monday morning and already there is a pile of work needing to be done smiley - sadface Sigh, well until later....
BCNU - Crescent

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