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Damn Ruskies won again tonight...

Apologies for those of you not interested in smiley - football but seeing as this is my journal, I'm not really sorry and you can smiley - bleep off! I was saying, that damn peskie Russian team won again tonight. Now, I'm not a Man Utd fan (although the delightful Mrs LeviPuma smiley - diva is) but when a team capable of buying the League title (but not the European Cup hahahaha!!) looks set to remain top for the foreseeable future; that's not good for football is it?

Is it a coincidence that the most exciting thing about the EPL this season has been the relegation battle?? Me thinks not...

I'm going to cheer up Mrs LeviPuma smiley - diva

Later all

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Under the thumb...

the lovely Mrs LeviPuma smiley - diva today gave me a lot to ponder on...mainly "who let me out from under her thumb??" smiley - huh

The reason for the question? Well, I rightly or wrongly assumed it would be okay to arrange a night out with guys on Saturday as Mrs LeviPuma is hitting the town with the 'Ladies That Lunch' smiley - zoom

This was apparently the wrong thing to do! I should have okay'd it with her first but I am allowed out...smiley - erm thanks!

Anyway, I've been told not to assume "as it makes an ass of you and me" smiley - groan

God bless Mrs LeviPuma smiley - diva, gotta love her! smiley - loveblush

Cheers! smiley - cheers

LP smiley - thief

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