i am the one known as BLuE
my name is BLuE, and i am was a college student but for the time being i am working in manuel labor type things but i will be back in school soon, i used to have a martian living in the tree outside my bedroom window, i called him marvin because his real name was unpronouncable in the human tounge, anyways hes gone now he got a spear gun for christmas a couple years back and decided to go out hunting poodles, he got a few, some fence posts to, i dont know why though. he was cool and a true friend i could tell him anything now i just talk to my dog, her name is "DOG" but we used to call her "PUPPY"


i love METALLICA and Megadeth and soundgarden and Biohazard and Ozzy and Sabboth and AC/DC and Godsmack and most other metal type bands


Other than the obvious(stripclubs are awsome), i am an american who loves the british comedies. Red Dwarf is by far my favorite with The Hitch Hikers Guide comming in close behind. and you cant forget the Monty Python Gang truly brilliant they were, the dead parrot sketch gets me every time. i am also a fan of the simpsons and WWF and all of Michael Crichton books.and of course good old fasion battle exercises cant forget the 5 point plan....GOTWA


if you frago the frago can i call it a de-frago, but if that de-frago gets fragod back to the original frago is it a re-frago? and if you de-frag the re-frag what in the world will i call that? a de-re-frago? army terms are so much fun...two nuns walk into a bar, their is a priest behind them, but he ducks...i like the BLuE coolaid straight out of the pack just eat the powder its good. why do people forget to finish their prepositional phrases? you cant say do you want to come with. you just cant with who? its bad grammer and i know mine is not the best but i never end a sentence with a preposition
well tahts all for now

jingle bells

BLuE¬° this is how i got to this planet


Knock Knock!!!
Who's there?
An Interrupting cow
An Int...the moo joke
Get it? the cow is interrupting ha haha ha hah ahha i love that joke


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