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Citalopram rules

After months of being quiet, tired and boring, I am now posting in the Guide, enjoying work, and loving my family fully again! And just for realising that the maintenance ½ dose needs adjusting to a full dose from March to May.

But it is time to log off anyway, see you all another day...

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Latest reply: Apr 2, 2004

School re-union

I will not accept that it's 20 years since I finished 'grundskolan' (would that be elementary school?)! Altho' considering our daughter is almost 10, it does make sense somehow...

Thing is, I got an invitation for a reunion party by some firm that makes money from organising things like these, and they sent me all the addresses of my old class mates.

And now I sit here. I don't want to go, because those were a couple of miserable years in my life. I came to the village and into the new class at the age of 12. At the age of 16 I was still the new one, an outsider, and not really someone who counted. And still, I am a little curious. Did any one of them get a good life? Maybe I just want to show them that the geek did it - I do have a lovely family and a decent career, which I happen to enjoy. How pathetic am I? Just go to brag? For the opportunity to sneer and reject everyone who I felt rejected me back then? Did they really reject me, or was it just indifference?

Oh well. I'll never know will I? Unless I go to the party. And end up as outside as I was then, alternatively with the fat guy with zits, in a corner, where noone else will come, because of the boredom factor...

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Latest reply: Mar 18, 2004

Din't realise...

... that I hadn't posted since January. Haven't much to say today either, but at least I've got my new laptop home and installed, and managed to log in to H2G2 smiley - smiley

Tjing! smiley - towel

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Latest reply: Mar 6, 2004

Boxing day

A little deflated.

Christmas was not bad at all. Inlaws in the house for three days - went OK.
12 people for Christmas eve, smiley - santa made a guest appearance outside the window, but didn't come in... piles and piles of smiley - gift. Children satisfied - even the hardest one to please said this was the best x-mas.

So why am I a little low?
I just want to go to bed.
On H2G2 I lurk, but have nothing interesting to post in the conversations. Which makes me feel so boring. I feel lonely I guess, but have no reason, really.

Oh well. Time to pick up daugter from friends home, and then make some supper.


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Latest reply: Dec 26, 2003

All better now!

smiley - smiley
The vendor is co-operating, fixing errors, giving help that we hardly asked for but is very useful, and the new pre-release is so much better than the last one - work is a joy again!

And I won't have to travel until February!

And I sleep, I swim (and gain weight anyway, but it's probably muscle mass... or at least I like to believe so) and life is coming back in techincolor!

Well. At least I feel so much better than a few months ago...

Tjing! smiley - towel


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Latest reply: Nov 19, 2003

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