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Going to London!!!

e-ticket - check
Hotel - check
Printed map of venue pub and hotel - check

All that's left to do now is survive Christmas...

And pack, of course...

*waiting impatiently*

smiley - towelMilla

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Latest reply: Nov 30, 2004

He's still around

Stealth, that is. I just talked to him. He has a hard time, as you will know from his journal, and it appears a change in medication is also having effects.
I don't really know what to say.
smiley - towelMilla

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Latest reply: Nov 9, 2004

Worries over a friend.

Stealth, I wish you were here. I wish you had not removed all your friends and journal entries from your userpage. I wish I had been more persistant in getting your number, or email address. I wish you never felt the urge to leave the planet like this.

If anyone knows a number or mail for him, you can let me know at Maria dot Bengzon at telia dot com.

I just hope it is not too late.

smiley - blue

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The Prince of Egypt

Whoooo! I've been headhunted to a musical!!! (because I am _not_ young smiley - winkeye) The teenagers need someone to balance their sound apparently...

And last rehearsal, I got a part too! Not only one of the crowd, but Pharao's wife who finds Moses in the Nile smiley - diva! And two phrases of solo song as well smiley - whistle

And my youngest decided he wants in, and gets to be Rameses son, who dies like all firstborn, while the Hebrew are smear lambs blood on their doorposts and are spared. Wheeee! Brave little kid! But he doesn't want to be without a t-shirt on stage... We'll see about that. T-shirtless worries him, not acting or singing before a crowd smiley - laugh

I am very happy!

The producer is an old choir mate, and persisted with the movie people in Hollywood, and got the very first and only rights to stage the story with the music from the film. Impressive I say!

tjingsmiley - towel

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Bandits! Hooligans! Rotten B*stards!

Monday morning was a bummer.

Dear Husband left at dawn, for a week of brain surgery training (honest) in Krakow, Poland. Leaving me with the Kids.

Just before it is time to take them to school (by bike of course) the neighbour knocks. I thought he came to say good bye, since they have been hauling furniture all weekend, but no such luck. Someone had stolen all the wheels of our (fairly new) Saab. smiley - headhurts

On the other hand, if he hadn't told me it would be days before I knew - we don't drive much in the week, school and work is in biking distance, even for the 6 yr old.

I went to the parking lot and I thought I was in Harlem. smiley - cross The car was propped on boards and junk from the container nearby, and all wheels missing. Phoning the police (No, mam, we don't inspect thefts like these. Thanks for registering though. Now call your insurance co.) Phoning insurance and hauling assistance, digging out the purchase contract to find out tyre dimensions (16 x 6½, incidentally), being late for school, and work, and training other people in using the new software/lab database. One of the four pupils won't show, and someone else had to jump in when I met the haulers.

At least training went well, and the insurance even covers a rental car...smiley - zen... should I need one.


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