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Last night I found lice in Firstborn Daughter's hair. smiley - yuk
And we had no liniment to kill them with, so I had to just comb them out... Only took about 35 minutessmiley - erm.

But at least I didn't find a single one while combing, and I am waiting for Dear Husband to bring home killer juice, and finish their miserable lives.

I am so tired of the constant alerts of lice in school, and there must be way too many parents that never take the alerts seriouslysmiley - cross, and never check their kids, or the siblings, or themselves, and so the circle never ends. All you get is a break, maybe a month, maybe a couple of years, but the lice will return. smiley - grr

Hope they stay away long this time!

smiley - towelMilla

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Yesterday, I took my little boy to the shopping center, to get him some new shirts - too many of them are too small and have holes around the cuffs smiley - yikes. The permanent stains from school glue and paint, I give up on those, I could buy a shirt a week if that should be an issue...

But before we even started looking around, I saw a woman who had fainted just by the cash register.

And being the way I am, I move in, lift her feet up, to get blood to her head and revive her. It's just that she didn't come to. Which meant it wasn't an ordinary fainting.

There were a few more people helping, but she wouldn't wake up. Her husband claimed that she had eaten as usual - he thought - and this had never happened before. Her little son was standing wide eyed, looking on. After a minute or so, we asked the shop girl to call for an ambulance. She decided to call security first, and then could not connect to 112. So I borrowed someones mobile and called, and they sent an ambulance to come. Still no reaction from the fainted lady. Just as I hung up, the husband told us she was six months pregnant. Oy, vey... But we saw no bleeding or amniotic fluid at least. She was breathing, she had a pulse. Her pupils seemed to react to light (good), and when I pressed her cheek, she reacted with a slight frown and slowly moved her head away from the pain (not excellent reaction, but could be much worse - like no reaction at all). But still not waking up.

And all the while, my kid is beside us, anxious, and I feel so bad for the lady's son - the father said nothing to him, and I did nothing either to make things the least understandable for him... Poor kids! I should have talked to the son, asked him to take care of mammas handbag, explained something, but didn't. smiley - sadface

After a few minutes (who ever has a grasp of time in these situations???) the ambulance crew smiley - doctor arrive. The tell me to keep holding her feet up, (at least I did that right) but since the security guy is back, I ask him to do it, and sneak away to calm my son and myself. The crew began putting a needle in, for glucose, I suppose, but I didn't stay to see.

All evening we talked about what had happened. I still wonder what made her faint, and really wish that she can keep the baby, and that all turns out well. I will never know.

smiley - blueMilla

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So I went to London

I really did! I had some snags, but on the whole I am very glad I went, I probably will go again, and I also decided to bring Dear Husband and children one day.

This is the story.

I got a cab at 7.45 for the airport (because buses don't go at that time in the morning). Checked my bag in. Got early boarding number and hung out with coffee and book until boarding time. Flight was OK, but a little windy at touchdown - no wonder, when I later heard of the storms...

At Stanstead, I waited long for my bag...smiley - handbag bad idea checking it in! Then bought a sandwich for lunch and stood in line for train tickets. Two youths needed about 15 minutes to get sorted, but I caught the train with 30 sec. to spare. And it had break problems and we were dumped on a platform, crowding the next train. I had gotten return train tickets, only to learn that the next day all trains were replaced with buses...

I then took the tube to London Bridge, went out the wrong exit to look for my hotel. And kept looking for it... At five to three I was in my room. National Gallery is out of the question, sadly, finding it in five minutes would be impossible.

So I took a walk! Crossed the Thames on Southwark bridge, but that felt a little lonely. Headed east to see where people might be... Pretty quiet for a Saturday, I thought! I was surprised that so much was within walking distance! Then I went across again on the milennium walkway, passed the Tate Modern, the Globe, the old quarters on the way to Southwark Cathedral - and there was the Borough market! Very nice! Strolled around, bought souvlaki, took some roundabout ways to the hotel and had a little break. Not long after, Stealth texted from the pub, so I got myself in order, packed the Citronpeppar and went.

After a 20 minute walk, I found the pub smiley - ale- I wish they would put street signs on every corner, it's all well to know what the side streets are called, but if you're not certain on the main street...

And I was immediately greeted by Z, B, Stealth, Gray Desk... I chatted with Mol, Natalie, Paully and said Hi to 2Legs and drE.V. I shared tables with Kat, her friend 'Jag heter Tom', Rosemary, Skankyrich, Recumbentman and Jordan, I met Trillians Child and Azara, Titania was there and I will stop this namedropping, because I can't mention you all smiley - huganyway. B liked the citronpeppar, and started peddling her drug to all around - I should start a business in this I think!

Reddyfreddys quiz was so over my head... It was good fun of course, not least the comments flying! But it was then that my throat started acting up, and my temperature rising.smiley - ill I just had to get to bed.smiley - wah So I walked quickly to the hotel, took a dose of painkillers and slept for 12 hours.

On Sunday, I found the Hamleys toystore (thanks Tom!) and found some little bribes for the children. After that I walked down the streets, slowly, towards Trafalgar square. I heard bagpipes, and it was a big band, kilts and bear fur hats, all members seemed to be from India (or have origins thereabouts). They were fundraising for the tsunami relief. I had fish and chips - of course, and a half pint for lunch, and after a cappucinosmiley - cappuccino, it was time to get to Liverpool street for the airport bus.smiley - bus

The queue was 20 minutes... But I got on, and got to the airport in decent time.

I will return!

smiley - towelMilla

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No internet

Writing this at my parents house, since I deleted the password for the modem connection when I tried to install the 'broadband' thing. Only to call support hours later and find that the company had not made the final connections for me to be able to hook up. Ah well, now you know why I have been silent...

Hope your X-mases were lovely!

smiley - towelMilla

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I have a Liff!

I think I feel good about that. smiley - blush

And if you find the Forum, on the Liff web, and search for older entries, I have submitted three more...

smiley - towelMilla

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