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Up and away

Tomorrow morning, I am leaving for the US, going on a business trip. I won't be home until the 23, but only for an hour or so! Almost at once, I am going with the family to the Mini-meet in Copenhagensmiley - boing

Meanwhile, please accept my apologies for slow replies - I doubt I will have much chance to log on while away...

And the backlog! smiley - headhurts

Anyway, see you later.

smiley - towelMilla

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Happy Birthday to Me!

Rah! Rah! Rah!
smiley - stiffdrinksmiley - bubblysmiley - cakesmiley - gift

It is a lovely day!

smiley - towelMilla

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Is that what you call it? When someone (someorganisation?) wants to know what you think.

The Beebs did it to me as I came here this morning...

I did answer. And I as much as begged them keep the h2g2...

Wonder if it did any good. At all. Or if I will be banned for not being British.

smiley - towelMilla

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I must have gone mad.

I am trawling through the Cancel thread. Only 3560 posts to go...

smiley - towelMilla

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Conflicting interests

I thought that when a job needs to be put outside the company, you should argue with the providers, not amongst yourselves, withing the company?

I find myself in a strange situation.

There is a bit of code we need, to pull a fair amount of data out of a database, and export the stuff to Word and Excel.

There is a bit of requirements gathered a couple of years back, when the implementation project was young. We are now well into maintenance phase, and we have learned a lot of what we want out, what kind of code the provider tends to do, and there is a prototype.

We have found a number of problems with the prototype.

I have the (very strong, admittedly) opinion that the more you know about what you want and how, and the more you put in writing and present to providers, the easier it will be to code, the better can we test for approval, the fewer rounds of fixings do you need before accepting it.

This has now been banned. We are to go with the original requirements, and a short list of a few of the problems we knew about more than a month ago.

I am not told the reason why we should go for a thin set of requirements. I am being told to please the users, to be pragmatic, not make a fuss and go with the flow.

How will it please the users to get an output that cannot be trusted? Using an interface that gives little clue about the end result? Or even not getting the export at all, because the quality is too poor? Or not getting it until the second version is patched and released?

I asked for a superior to make a decision, go with thin requirements, or with more detailed ones. He pushed back and said to solve it amongst ourselves.

I am kept in the dark about the real reasons I think, and I will not be able to please the users and go with the flow both. Something's got to give.


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