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Hi. smiley - smiley

I'm GTBacchus, and I'm a Gem Polisher at the <./>Underguide</.>. That means I help prepare selected entries like yours, 'Arizona Animules And Their Wiley Ways' (A3999540), for the Front Page. I'm just here to let you know that I've been working on your entry, and I have a very short list of things I'd like to run by you, before changing your work.

I enjoyed your entry very much, by the way - I used to live in Santa Fe, and you reminded me of the coyotes I used to hear every night. Anyway, very little needed any editing. I've got a working copy at A4618578 that you can look at. Here are the changes you may or may not notice:

smiley - star I put it in GuideML, our markup language which is just standard for the Edited Guide and UnderGuide, and doesn't really affect anything on your side of the screen.

smiley - star There are four new commas (in red), near the middle, starting in the paragraph the begins "One of the crunchy...", and also in the following two paragraphs. Those were spots where I stumbled reading and had to regroup. They're in red because I want to see whether you agree with them before they go in for real. I'm happy to defer to your judgement.

smiley - star In the more black-and-white rules category, I changed four instances of "it's" to "its" in the paragraph about coral snakes' heads and tails looking alike.

smiley - star Lastly and most obviously, I've inserted links to a variety of edited h2g2 entries that seemed relevant. Those can be removed if you think any of them are inappropriate; I don't think I put any particularly wild ones in.

Please let me know what you think of those edits, and thanks very much for the excellent entry!

smiley - cheers

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Hello, Arizonlain

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