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Shea the Sarcastic

Welcome to h2g2, ArizonIain! My name is Shea, and I am an Assistant Community Editor (ACE). ACEs are a group of volunteers that wander around h2g2 welcoming and helping new Researchers. If you want to ask me a question, or need help with anything, just hit the "Reply" button and leave a message, I'll pop back here the next time I’m on h2g2 and help you in any way I can!

h2g2 is a wonderful site! It's an online encyclopedia written by people like you! You can read, you can write Guide Entries, and you can talk to other people. Douglas Adams wrote an interesting Entry about what his vision for h2g2 was. It's at A550955 if you'd like to read it.

There's lots to keep you busy around here, too! There’s a tour you might want to read: A219638 ... a great introduction to the website. If you'd like to contribute to the Guide with an Entry, check out the Writing Guidelines at A53209 which should get you started.

If you're interested ArizonIain, you might want to check out The Post's smiley - thepost page of links to clubs and societies around h2g2 at A660304 which should help you get in touch with Researchers with similar interests.

If you ever want to talk to a Researcher, just click on their name. That will take you to their Personal Space, and you can leave them a message there (like I'm doing now!) by clicking on the 'Leave A Message' button.

Most importantly ArizonIain, have fun! You might find yourself meeting some great new friends! I know I have! smiley - smiley

- Shea the Sarcastic smiley - artist

Hi there, ArizonIain ...

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hi shea,
thanks for the hints. i take it from the form it's a "fill in appropriate name" form but i'll be sure to check out all the links.
one thing i have noticed which worries me in a strange "have i left the oven on" sort of way, is how dry and lacking in genuine wit some of the entries in the main guide are. i was hoping that my cynically borderline hysteria sort of style would fit the broad envelope of how old dougie boy got his point across.
now i've really gone and done it; making rash statements like that without actually checking all the links you so kindly provided me with. hey you don't move from britain to arizona on a whim without being slightly spontaneous.
so, i'll not bother you until i have actually done that and we'll see if this truly is the sort of cyber drivel that will work here! smiley - smiley

Hi there, ArizonIain ...

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Shea the Sarcastic

Well, with the hundreds of new Researchers lately, it's all we can do to keep up with them ... even with our individual "pre-packaged" greetings. At least *I* wrote it! smiley - winkeye

Some of the Guide Entries are rather factual, but then again, there are a fair share of odder ones. I (not so) humbly point to one I worked on: Thumb Twiddling A597170

As long as a Guide Entry fits the Writing Guidelines, it can be as droll as you like!

There are other parts of h2g2 that may be more to your liking, like The UnderGuide at A1103329

Keep wandering around. It's a big place. I'm sure you'll find a niche. smiley - cheers

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