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I have popped back to say hallo and to apologise for my grands sons weird postings way back
I have managed to get quite a lot of work done and now i am ready to play again if anyone will have me
Lots of stuff happening to us, most important being the golden wedding week, Were having a bit of a do there will be,, and smiley - ale for the peasants and ,smiley - bubbly and smiley - cake for everyone else,smiley - smiley .

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Greetings from Kif

I just popped in to sat hallo to every one I met in the conversations on Hootoo to wish you all a very very happy Christmas. Peace and goodtimes to you all.
I have been really busy and do miss my fun on here but it is so addictive and I wasted so much time that I found it better to get off for a while. However I may be back in the new year
have a great time everyone

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good bye

I have had such fun on hootoo but now I am off to do other things.
my friends who have my e mail address I will alwys reply to if they e mail me.
To the other great people I have had fun with on the threads Goodbye and thank you for the laughs

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hootoo stuff

I wonder if it is just the summer holidays that has caused so many of my hootoo friends to disappear.
I miss seeing postings from U.G. Bb The Quack and Teuchter, maybe they are all enjoying themselves on threads I don't know about
I haven't been around much but I have popped in for a minute most days and not been inspired to post. however now that the boxing club is well up to speed, equipment bought, gym booked, money in the bank I shall have more time.
Some of my poetry has been published under my nickname Kif. The boss said I should have used my own name but I like 'Kif' so that is my writing name.
I have re read my journals, I use to post every day and now I wish I had continued to do so because my grandchildren have been reading them and have had such fun with some of the stuff I wrote. I may start again writing a bit each day about our lives which is really quite ordinary,but now I am so busy, I have scrabble and bookworm on the computer now and spend a lot of time playing those games as well as writing. perhaps I will pull back on those a bit and get back into hootoo.
I take 'Rosie' our springer pup out every day for a long walk, she lives around the corner with The Son and his family, The Boss can only take her in small doses, she is soooo bouncy.
The garden is turning over now, and all the flowers are blowsy and beginning to fade. The roses have been magnificent and some are making a second flush of buds, which is nice.
I have been trying to change my intro on my space but I can't find out how to get rid of the stuff already on there. perhaps someone will read this far and will be able to tell me how to do it.

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The Suit

The Suit
It hangs at the back of the cupboard.
Mothballs in the pocket to wrinkle the noses
Of disapproving chapel goers.
Brought out and pressed for the first child
Again for the second.
Worn with a black tie for the third, and tear stained.
It lives behind the jeans and jackets, away from real life.
It still fits the lean form of the bemused bridegroom,
Tailored for the first day of the rest of his life.
And awaiting the last.

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