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blu - to make you feel better

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Feisor - -0- Generix I made it back - sortof ...

I found out that they have named an asteroid Arthurdent as a tribute to DNA - there is a Guide entry off my page that will give you the info

Good to see you back


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bludragon, aka the Dragon Queen of Damogran

FEISOR!!! You ole ageless, genderless, lifeforce, you!!!

I heard you were back. smiley - smiley

Actually, I was just rummaging around on Peta's site and saw your conversation with her. And yes, the Asteroid does make me feel better.

There was also a note in the American Atheist paying tribute to DNA. [I get their newsletter]

I only just have started popping in occasionally. I moved last summer and that as well as various other 'Real Life' issues have prevented me from spending very much time here. [you know how THAT goes]

But when I heard the tragic news about DNA, I just had to be here. I was grateful to my dear friend SPINY [U35761] who I spoke with last weekend.

I, too, need to get back into the swing of things. I miss my friends here, and besides, since you left, I was made Dragon Queen of Damogran, and I must reestablish my

And yes, I, too, remember those parties back in the old least bits and pieces of them.

I must go now. Will see you again soon, I hope.



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Feisor - -0- Generix I made it back - sortof ...

Congratulations on your elevation to the heights of royalty - just be careful, heights can be dizzy - and dragons make a good target when viewed from below LOL

We "plebs" salute our Dragon Queen (at least until she disgraces herself at a party again - then we will just love her without saluting)

PS How's Godot?? Been waiting an age!!!!!!!!!!!

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blu - to make you feel better

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