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Still Around?

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The Supreme T

Hey 7o9...still around? You greeted me almost two years ago when I first signed up. I didn't realize you had your own fan club and the whole nine yards. Hope you're still kicking. Why do people say the whole nine yards? Obviously not football fans...otherwise they would be saying the whole ten yards. And why is it called a first down? If you get it, shouldn't you be up and not down? I coughed up the money to get a second chair in my personal space, but it's a rather depressing chair. Just sits there not talking and groans a great deal when somebody sits on it. Perhaps you'll come by and say howdy, chain link bikini optional.


Still Around?

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Seven of Nine [(1x52)-2-8]x1=42!

Howdy Tai, yes, I'm still around, and just updating my Personal Space.
smiley - biggrin

I just need a picture for my Tent, and I'll be set.

smiley - handcuffs

Still Around?

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Still around, but surely not as much as you used to be... smiley - winkeye

Still Around?

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The Supreme T

Yo yo yo 7 o' 9...nice to see you back. At this rate it will be another year before I post again. Still greeting newbies or have you relegated that task to the elder statesmen of h2g2? Is that tent a beer tent or what? I didn't bring my admission ticket. Can I still get in? If you checked out my personal space, you can see I decided to sell that grumpy old chair. I figure if people want to come visit they can kneel before Zod or at least make it quick if they have sore knees or an old back. Makes things quite convenient for me. Heh heh. Peace out.

smiley - elf Tai

Still Around?

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Seven of Nine [(1x52)-2-8]x1=42!

No I do not greet anymore, I lost my ACE badge because I was busy doing other things.smiley - whistle

Beer tent?

No, it is not that boring.smiley - yawn

Do visit, and you will find out what kind of tent it is.smiley - winkeye

*waves to Ottox*

Still Around?

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Sidney Kidney, AKA Gruby Ben, friend of Dirty Den

Mine was forcefully ripped from my manly chest. If I were not trussed up like a chicken with a black bag over my head, the blighter would have never got away with it!!

Still, we live and learn smiley - bigeyes

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