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Working on a sunday

Today I was forced to go to work. However I did discover podcasting (iTunes on my mac had set itself up with it). I listrened to the Dawn and Drew podcast which despite aimless rambling, dead air and crass sexual references is more entertaining than 1/2 the stuff on proper radio. I would be interested if anyone has any thoughts on this.

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I dislike the sun

I dislike the sun am I alone in this? a deviant of society or is it
a normal reaction. It burns me and gives me freckles and makes me feel like I should be out having fun with other funky twentysomethings on a beach or something. It makes everyone sticky and sweaty and blinds my eyes. It also makes me feel bad for beng inside on a computer and it is my job to be inside on a computer.
Maybe I shall make a giant sunshield in the style of Mr Burns and keep everyone in eternal mugginess. Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain.

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Things I like Today

I need to earn more money without breaking the law. Discuss.

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Killing a Spider

After a two hour or so stand off with a large household spider I'd like to share some tips on disposing of a spider if you are like me a big girls blouse around the things.

1) Locate Spider - I first noticed a large black insect moving under the table it then rather slyly moved from under a pile of washing, behind a wardrobe and then behind curtains. Whilst in these hard to reach places it is unadvisable to strike. Put the kettle on and find a safe distance to keep watch.

2) Spider located - Eventually my large insectile chum moved from the safety of the curtains to a more central position on the floor. It was now clearly visible but a strike would be unlikely to reap dividends at this point.

3) Coaxing the Spider Out - For big babies like myself killing the spider without getting to close can be a challenge. At this point I put my shoes on as a backup precaution. I tried throwing things at the spider but this merely disconcerted it. I eventually succeeded in getting the spider to move by utilising a music stand, a broom or other long handled device may also work well.

4) The Kill - The easiast way to kill a spider with a case of arachnophobia is to throw a large hardback book on it and then stamp on the book. After prodding with the music stand it foolishly made a dash for the center of the floor. Finally in open space I dropped a large Japaneese Graphics book on it and stamped.

Please Note: If you have access to someone not scared of spiders and you are not too emmbarassed to ask their assistance it is much more humane to get them to find the spider and take it outside. After all it is said to be bad luck to kill one and they probably can''t help being so creepy.

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I love to see them horsies racing around the track. Wow.

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