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Dressing Up - Men

Why is it that a man ties a thin length of material around his neck and he automatically has more credibility.

Oh, ties are great, aren't they. They get in the way when you try to write. They fall in your food when you try to eat and WATCH OUT FOR SHREDDERS GUYS!!!!!

Good ones cost as much as a good shirt, and if it isn't good it doesn't "dimple" correctly. Those in the know KNOW that dimple!!!!

So, there you have it. It seems your credibility actually comes from proving that you will put up with this ridiculous custom and the aggravation of having a noose around your neck all day.

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Dressing Up - Secretaries

Why is it that secretaries are generally expected to wear good clothing but are then required to:

Change photocopier, fax and printer toners
Fill above with paper (lugged around in boxes of reams)
Make tea/coffee
Wash up (yes, only some not all)
File ... in the BOTTOM drawer

This is something I have never understood

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Latest reply: Sep 13, 2000

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