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Gnomon - time to move on

I'm still writing away, because that's what I do.

I enjoy learning and then passing on that knowledge. In real life at the moment I'm amusing myself by using my knowledge of the hills and forests of Wicklow and my skills at map-reading to design walking routes for a group of friends. We try to go out on Sundays and cover at least 10k.

Here in the Guide, I'm producing entries faster than the system can process them. We seem to be down to one or two sub-editors and one artist. I don't know if there are any scouts at all. Forgive me if I've got that wrong, I've no inside information on the subject, just what I see around me. The only people regularly writing entries now are the Guide Editors, Bob Stafford, Florida Sailor and me. (That's from memory - I might have missed someone).

I'm trying to keep the the entries varied, so at the moment of the 14 entries I have in Peer Review, there are four about Ireland, four on Turkey and assorted entries on mathematics, astronomy, wildlife, Greece and JRR Tolkien. The huge concentration on Turkey is as a result of my recent trip to Istanbul, but I've nearly written all I can on that subject - just one more to come, on Mimar Sinan the master architect of the Ottoman Empire.

I'm hoping that the reason one of my entries has received no comments at all despite being almost two months in Peer Review is because it is perfect.smiley - smiley

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Still Writing for the Guide

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