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As Groucho Marx said 'I wouldn't want to belong to any club that would have me as a member.' I remember getting so upset about failing in my objectives in the past that I would self sabotage. I got to that grumpy stage of saying to myself that if anyone turned round after apparently snubbing me and said that they really liked my work, I was waiting for the rejoinder I had been rehearsing, to be used. But no, those people who cut me dead, ensured I stayed dead by never getting back to me. Such a waste of witty but snide retorts, still it led to some good ideas for stories and sharpened my writing skills.

In life this was also reflected in failed relationships, failed jobs and the failure to stay anywhere long term, after I left home. I was on a science website for 3 years at least, which was double the time I had held down my longest job (I nearly stormed off this site in a huff, after plonking four entries down at the same time and having pot-shots taken at my ego because I hadn't checked the grammar, the spelling and the facts in some cases, simply because one post became three and it had bored the hell out of me by the time I had finished).

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Layers of reality (protective crusts)

I see in the world that life is full of 'creative crusts' or protective containers. The planet has an atmosphere or life couldn't exist and we see it in eggs, seeds, pupa+, mollusc shells, cysts, crustaceans, arachnids, insects, cells with their semi-permeable membranes (countries and their borders), skin, skulls, wombs, factories & assembly lines, cars, planes, ships, submarines, houses, (caves & mud huts in the past, where tool making could be carried out in peace), fridges and freezers, showers and baths, walled gardens, plant pots, tins, bottles, jars and other preservative containers, cardboard cartons, cupboards, drawers, shoes, socks, hats, clothing in general as a protective layer. I see these patterns as necessary for all life to have a stable base, free of outside disturbance, in which to develop - whether it is nature or human imitation, building bodies or artifacts. Is this a new idea or one already noted?

+ If you view society as a chrysalis, then re-organization of it can be seen in the same way, politically, socially etc.

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The Systemic Universe

I have a theory that basically everything works on what I call an
Accumulation/ Discharge Cycle. In karmic terms this is known as The
Pendulum Effect and in purely physical terms as the vacuole effect.
This includes the tides, seasons, emotions, sex, life and death as a
single unit (positive to negative poles), thought and action (again as a
single unit), stress and release (relaxation), volcanic activity,
earthquakes,pulsars, vibration, the body’s circulatory and digestive
systems, black holes and white (w)holes, time - that is movement of
attention (energy) from past through to the future, across the
medium of the present, space as movement of matter across a gap
(here to there) etc.
I call this also The Systemic Universe or Two Worlds Exchange (The
Tao (Way) in modern terms). This creates equations of equal but
opposite realities or opinions in human terms. Thought stops action -
action stops thought or when viewed as a continuum of human
endeavour / perception of existence as a chain, it becomes a scale or
grade e.g. past, present and future/ colours - white, yellow, orange,
red, brown, green, blue, black. War and peace even follows this

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Facing your fears result

If you face your fears, they disappear. If you don't, you disappear

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Depression cause

Depression is the unexpressed

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