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Parkinson's Disease

It does change your life's point of view. Michael J. Fox, Mohammed Ali, Bob Hoskins, Robin Williams- all make me think, mostly positively. Mostly. But the insomnia can create some 4:00 AM bouts of despair with few people I know willing to accept a depressing phone call at that hour. The most popular treatment, L-Dopamine increases the libido as a side effect, a cruel joke.

But- soldier on as they say. L-Dopa and Carbidopa are marvellous, one in the morning and one in the late afternoon do the trick for now (they will wear off eventually and in a few months or years I will have to have the dosage increased). They take a few hours to "kick in" so I'm 'Mr. Shakey' in the morning and before Dinner. The afternoon can be covered by a few stiff drinks if it is appropriate, alcohol does a fine job of taking the meds' place. This fact caused one of my oldest friends to declare that cirrhosis of the liver or heart failure would probably kill me first, so why worry? Friends, you can always count on them. smiley - smiley If I can't rely on those, it will probably be pneumonia, suicide or a bad fall (my balance is starting to go, another symptom). I'd better drink up.

By the way, with all my friends having disappeared from my PS magically, is anyone reading this?

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