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Stupid Evolution!

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Another simpost, what if everyone in the world has evolved to release the full potential of their brains... Apart from one small-time criminal?

*Nobody moves, nobody dies!* He emphasised the threat by pointing menacingly at each of the bank tellers in turn.

To his surprise, they just laughed at him.

*You going to milkshake us to death?*

*Choke us on banofee pie?*

*Fritter us to within an inch of our lives?*

He frowned beneath the tight nylon mesh of his make do mask. Looked down at his gun. His gun?

He muttered his apologies, staring stupidly at the yellow fruit he was holding and walked out of the bank, laughter reddening his face.

He hated it when they did this sort of thing. Cursed the Gifted. Cursed his own stupidly unevolved brain!

Stupid Evolution!

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

smiley - snorksmiley - rofl I love it!

Stupid Evolution!

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smiley - cheers

Stupid Evolution!

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paulh, making lemonade from the lemons that life has given me

Fruits might in fact be used as weapons. Some have sharp prickers. The really big ones can give you a conk on the noggin. smiley - smiley

He simply needed something small and portable, and apparently not very dangerous, except to those who ere allergic to it.

Stupid Evolution!

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Erm, OK..

Stupid Evolution!

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paulh, making lemonade from the lemons that life has given me

I overanalyzed it again. You probably expect that from me, right? smiley - sadface

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