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I was watching a show last night, researching whether works of art are genuine or fakes, fascinating stuff.

Going back hundreds of years to find a beautifully handwritten letter that mentions, in great detail, a specific person or place to provide a provenance.

Makes you wonder, few hundred years from now if they'll dig up an artist's phone records.

*And here, he sends heart, smiley face, kissy lips.

She replied, and this is very interesting, wtf, sad face, who dis? Lol*

Ah the advances in human interaction eh!


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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

smiley - cry

I actually feel sorry for future generations who will never know the thrill of receiving a letter or a card through their own letterbox. smiley - blue


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paulh. Bunnies are cute (There, I've said it)

The art of letter writing is something I remember fondly. My mother wrote letters by the truckload. She would sit at the dining room table after breakfast and write away.

When I send emails, I write them as if they were handwritten letters. Same way with posts here and elsewhere on the 'net.

Dear Mrs. McGillicuddy:

We've had to sell the farm, sink the yacht, send Junior to military school, and get the squirrels out of the attic for the 18th time. We thank you for the grand piano, but fear that a misunderstanding has happened. We were hoping for a six-foot piano, but received a six-inch one instead. Only our postman was happy about the smaller version.

Yours Truly, Gertrude Steinway

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