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In Mr. Body's Dressing Room

*wanders about his dressing room, getting ready for the dinner*

I'll have the ruby cufflinks, Jeeves. And would you kindly fetch the Beretta .38 Cheetah from my gun cabinet, along with the underarm holster? I'll wear the loose dinner jacket. Glad I didn't specify white tie, eh? Then we'd all look like you. Ha!

I honestly can't say I'm going to enjoy this occasion, but the infighting and the bickering are driving me bonkers. If it weren't for the ladies, I'd be inclined to cancel the whole bloody affair rather than have to look at Simon's ugly face without any feminine relief.

Still, best to have the matter resolved with everyone in one place, or we'd never hear the last of it.

*moves to the window and looks down to the driveway, to see if guests have arrived*

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