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AE Hill, Mabin-OGion Character of inauspicious repute

If it is good or bad I would not know...

I only say it is typical.

but you are right, saying something is typical is not PC.

People think "stereotyping" is so wrong.

I like to make smiles at such things.

Be happy.

friends with a small *f*

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Well depending on who you are talking to it can be quite loaded smiley - biggrin

friends with a small *f*

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AE Hill, Mabin-OGion Character of inauspicious repute

Well, considering who you are, I do hope I did not cause a blowup.

As for me, I tend to jest about loaded things.
I like to deflate them.
I commonly poke fun at myself.

As Yank, I know Yanks are prone to be obnoxious.
I do not try to be obnoxious, but I am comfortable hearing or saying that all too often Yanks are obnoxious.
I am well aware that all Yanks are not obnoxious.

I guess it is my rebellion against the PC trend to avoid generalities.
I rebel because I have always thought that generalities have a proper place.

However, in the case of Brits naming something wrong,
I have to admit that is not really a British generality.
It is rather a common human error, world round.

But most importantly, I meant no slander of you!
I had no delusion that you wrongly named the place.
In fact, my misplaced comment was in response to your notice of that error.

People are funny, [Art Linkletter]

friends with a small *f*

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Hey you didn't cause me any offence

I am just saying that it can do, although probably not in the way you are saying it.

Just for example Dr Anthea while not a person that easily takes offence at all, considers herself Scottish, not British, Taff (not around anymore) definately Welsh and people from Northern Ireland may consider themselves Irish

There are a lot of connetations around the word British to do with our history,politics, our feelings about nationalism and how we refers to ourselves is part of our personal identity smiley - biggrin

friends with a small *f*

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mmm, people are funny

There is a kids festival in Glastonbury, it held in a park rather than a field but it is great fun, there is lots of activities and a stage where the kids can do a turn if they like

friends with a small *f*

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AE Hill, Mabin-OGion Character of inauspicious repute

My Mom has a Welsh friend, Thanks for the insight.
I was unaware.

I shrink from saying I am American.
Many people outside the US live in America.
Many people inside the US are interlopers.

In Canada, the PC phrase is First Nation people.

But now, I live in the US and I don't even live in America.
And I can't say I am Hawaiian, as the people who ruled before the US like to reserve that word for themselves.

A person without a culture. [smiles]

friends with a small *f*

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I am sure you are cultured smiley - winkeye

I often refer to myself as a Wurzel, this is a reference to a Somerset Band 'The Wurzels' although the term Wurzel isn't exclusively a Somerset one, it is one people associate with 'the west country'

I shy away too from defining myself as British,which is a term I wouldn't use, or English but I do feel connected to this land,but it is quite regional, if you see what I mean, hmmm, yes, few loose thoughts there

friends with a small *f*

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AE Hill, Mabin-OGion Character of inauspicious repute

Wurzel almost sounds like a world citizen.
That is what I think people should think.

Being local is great,
but being part of humanity may be even more important.

Lines in the Sand was about that.
Gangs kill over East-side vs West-side.
Way too many ethnic wars in recent memory.

We are one!
That you like things one way and they another,
is mostly circumstantial.
That their government did something is no more important.

The boundary between France and Germany may be more than a line in the sand that has moved many times.
Language has separated people for eons.
Culture is very much influenced by language.

A mundane example I like to use [to say there are profound examples] is;
in Spanish they say por nada, in English they say "you are welcome."
The meanings make a subtle difference.

Spanish speaking people are reminded that to do something for others is to do that without some future repayment.smiley - cheers

friends with a small *f*

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Interesting that, we also say, my pleasure or no worries, my pleasure

I know we just met and all but I have decided to break my ties with h2g2 over the next couple of weeks not absolutely but pretty much in terms of posting

I'm leaving an email addy please feel to use it if you wish, friend with a small *f*

smiley - hug

friends with a small *f*

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AE Hill, Mabin-OGion Character of inauspicious repute

That would be great.
I was hoping for a more personal communication.
Then you can write without any censorship.

Anyway, be happy.
Enjoy your family plans.
Be true to yourself.


allen dot chan dot three at google's mail dot com
[google's mail is gmail]
I look forward to staying in touch.smiley - hug

friends with a small *f*

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yay, that's great, will mail you smiley - hug

friends with a small *f*

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that three, is it a 3 or three?

mailed you last night with a three in it smiley - erm

anyway back to washing up smiley - groan

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