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It Lives!!!

Wow you have no idea how good it feels to sit in front of my own computer again, after having been soooo busy it's time to get back in the game smiley - smiley

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Back In The Fast Lane

Yeah well life is life as they say. I've been gone officially far too long but hey I'm back now.
Had some trouble recently, I won't bore you all with specifics but hey lets look to the future and the bright side. I'm back, I'm happy, and I've got a new range of skills and a new outlook on life, so bring on the world, lets see what it's got this time.

RossyTheWorm smiley - cheers

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Home Again, home again

wow look at this old place i havent been here in like 3 months... oops, well im back, i shall clear my backlog and maybe start a new entry or 2

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3rd July 2010

I woke up this morning late (not good for me) after stumbling down stairs to take a look at my injuries I came back up to check H2G2 and what did I find? MY FIRST EVER ENTRY HAS BEEN APPROVED!!!!!!! I so happy!!!

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