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Ops on 19 June 2012

This is Milla.
Somehow I volunteered for this position... and nobody objected.

Ben made a great job in pulling things together, and I hope to live up to some of that. Thanks for all your work!

I made some minor edits to the page (I miss you Ben...) but I think it needs some more work. I will come back to fix that soon.

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Operations Team Log Book

This is Mrs Zen.

Last Tuesday (the 20th) Robbie and I finally agreed that what I do is called "Operations" so I created this account.

smiley - somersault

This is a MAJOR step forward; a lot of what was holding the team back was not having a place on h2g2 as a hub for what we are doing. It seems a bit pathetic to say that, but it became difficult to draft help pages, recruit volunteers and get things under way. And it was the same day that Mala's smiley - cogs smiley was launched, and what better smiley could this Account use?

After I wrote the U-Page, I created a page on Thursday (the 22nd) to host the organisaton charts I've been working on off and on forever. These are here: A87730833. You'd be amazed how many versions they've been through already. The first incarnations were the family-tree style thing in Power Point, but that didn't really explain who did what, it was impossible to read (teeny-tiny writing). Besides which, PowerPoint isn't really a diagramming too. It wasn't until I put the columns in that the diagrams started to work, and it wasn't until I split them in two that they became usable. And then I had to track down a tool to create them in. They're blissfully easy to update though. Me likes.

Then Christmas. Rellies. Pressies. Wellies. Messes.

These past three days I've been working on

smiley - cogs a way of making the <./>feedback</.> pages saner (comments from the other volunteers are due later in January on that one, there'll be an Announcement when anything actually changes)

smiley - cogs guidance, help pages and how-tos for community discussions (another massive chunk of work, but hopefully worth putting in the effort now to get it right for the long run).

smiley - cogs the timing and details of the Announcement for this account and the Org Charts help page (do we Announce it now when everyone is a way but I've got the time to do the work, or do I hold off working till I'm back at my day job in January?)

smiley - tea

(Tea is very important to the Operations team....)

smiley - tea

Mu Beta seems to be willing to join Milla and me as part of the Operations team, so the other thing I've been doing is thinking about how we should share the work-load and work as a team.

So there you are, the first week's work from the newest Italics account.

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