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Hope you don't mind

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Hello Quotes

I have ummed and ahhhed about posting here.

We don't really know each other for a start and I might be the last person you want tipping up with smiley - cake
Also this is a tricky situation to negiotiate what with the modding and whatever I feel about many people's actions (not allowed to express), I like and have respect for them, I am a bit disbelieving and confused by what has happened, is happening

Anyway, I wanted to say I feel for you Quotes and I'm sorry that this has happened to you.

I don't know how you are feeling but if it was me I would be very upset. I would be very frustrated that I would not be allowed to express myself freely. I personally wouldn't feel that it has been adequetely resolved and that would smart.

I hope you don't me tipping up

smiley - coffee

Peanut smiley - peacesign

Hope you don't mind

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oh, I forgot to say while I was here

I like your questions in Ask very much. I know I don't often post but I do think over them and if they kickstart a good thread I do enjoy a good smiley - lurksmiley - biggrin

Hope you don't mind

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Hi Peanut, no need to worry about tipping up, it's really lovely that you're showing such sympathy.smiley - smiley I've put all that other business behind me now, and rest assured I'll be 'Ask'ing plenty more questions in future.smiley - bubbly

Hope you don't mind

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I'm glad that you have be able to put things behind you
and pleased that you will still be posting questions smiley - bubbly

I have been away for a few days and haven't caught up with myself yet, or Ask.

Today, and it seems like the washing machine has been on for days, (bit wet and muddy camping) I have finally been able to pair a pair of black socks, so now I am convinced that some order is begining to prevail smiley - winkeye

Hope you don't mind

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We got back from camping last week, and I had to put up several metres of extra washing line for a few days just to dry everything. I can't believe how much washing we generated! At least we missed the rain though, I don't envy that, although we went camping earlier in the year and it was torrential every day... in fact, I remember the greatest luxury back then was going out to buy fresh socks when I ran out much quicker than I'd bargained for. It all comes down to socks in the end!
smiley - smiley

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