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A proper research experiment to improve memory loss.

My new secretary who is quite the nicest person and I are carrying out a proper researcyh experiment to see if one can improve the memory of those of us who have suffered strokes of the brain.

We have drawn up tables, I dart a particular number of sheep for fifteeen minutes, and she records all the results.

She has also marked out a pad of squared paper so that we shall be hipefully able to see if and when there is an improvememt. and as she has found the first items which I did soon after I had the stroke, it should be useful.

I think that it really should be possible to help to repair brain damage, providing one can get the circulation going again.

If it ever gets off the ground, and there is some sort of profit, I really want to donate the proceeds to providing a really wonderful mem9orial to our founder.
I am practically certain that our founnder DNA tale of the Hitchhikers guide to the galaxie was the inspiration to others to initiate the very first social website, if not the first web site per se in the world.

and yet just a mere handful of people even know of his existence.

Anyway, if anyone feels as I do it would be wonderful to get together and see if we can promote even more friendship , care and most importantantly peace and good relations between as many diverse groups as possible.

Ever hopeful.
AlsoRam 83

Saturday 26th November 2011 14.57 GMT

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How to overcome a stroke.

Some years ago I had a stroke of my brain.

It did not affect any muscles and in fact had I not had a brain scan one would never have believed it.

However, for the last six months I have had difficulty in remembering, and quite recently, my memory loss has been extreme.

I have some brain exrcises which one of the kind researchers sent me at one stage, and by logical deduction, decided that if I practised them faithfully, they could help restore the damaged circularion which occured when I had the stroke.

This has been working, and is woorking.

But so few people appear to believe me.

I reckon when anyone reaches the age of 80 they should be given a computer, and also my very special memory game which was so kindly sent to me by one of our researchers many years ago.

It works, but until researchers believe it what on earth can I do?

I am very much a living person, having made a dramatic recovery, not only from my stroke, but also in trying to fight to retain my consequent memory loss,

I am still me, alsoran80 and my subsequent nickname, and I always sign my christian name which is easy enough.

So do be kind, and reply and tell me your experiences. I know severall friends have and they inlcude my very dear lil and Icy. Others however are dubious.....

We all have a role to play in making our life spans much longer and much more productuve and let us face it more full of friends. This would be a wonderful tribute to our marvellous founder, Douglas Noel Adams who died of a heart attack at the tender age of 40 literally a year after I joined this marvellous wevbsite. ...!

It would be a wonderful tribute to our founder and his wife who has just died, if we could dedicate this marvellous website which was
probably thei frist www to his vision.

Sunday 12th November 2011 14.15 BMT

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Away for a few days only...I hope

Hi my friends,
just to let you know that I am off down the coast to find another place where apparently old ladies are welcome. !! also closer to keith.
It looks grey and horrid today.

Marvellous to be back amongst friends. i really appreciate it.

go well

AlsoRan 80
AlsiRan83 as well

Christiane 26th October 201 10.15 GMT

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A new exciting life starts today......

I do so hope that some of the dear friends I met on this superb website will read this and write to me.
I think of you so often and have that wonderful photo which Gnoman took at the very first meet I attended with my son Keith at Regents Park. what a wonderful day that was -- was it 2001. I think it was.

Anyway, I hope that the "final" launch of this wonderful website, in memory of a great man, will be the beginning of a new start to a great many lives and freidnships.

With much affection
alsoran 80
Sunday 23rd October 2011. 13.55 GMT

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