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Latest reply: Apr 19, 2012

10th Anniversary of the Inception of the SRG ( astronomically 2 days ago, but physically in 10.5 hours time!)

10 years on, I believe I am one of the luckiest people alive. I met a bunch of strangers for the first time, the majority of whom I still see on a regular basis and am happy to class as some of my closest friends. I believe in this instance, in the Grand Scale of Things, I win!

smiley - biggrin

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Latest reply: Aug 7, 2010

10 years? 10 years!

smiley - yikes Did I blink and miss it? Thought I should at least log on and mark the occasion.

Mark. smiley - evilgrin

There we go. Carry on about your business. smiley - alesmiley - winkeye

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The Second Douglas Adams Memorial Lecture.

Simple question:
I was there, where were you?
Take your time.

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Late, as in 'The Late MeetSheep'. It's a kind of threat you know.

Ok, so better late than never, but here are my recollections on the final minutes of ma wee son, Meetsheep's, life.

After a happy but wet ride on the River Rapids at Alton Towers this year, whilst revcovering from our final soaking of the ride, the raft we were all on was going up the large ramp to the revolving circular entrance/exit stage, where upon the raft was jostled against the uprights that guide it onto the revolving stage, so that we could disembark from the ride. Caught unawares, and trying to hold onto my rucksack with Randall the Lizard attached, and MeetSheep perched atop so as to afford him the best view of the ride, the raft was jostled into place, throwing myself, rucksack, Randall and MeetSheep off balance. I tried to grab for the wee fella, but to no avail. My heart was in my mouth, as he sailed overboard, just out of my grasp! (In...slow...motion! These things always happen in slow motion, as you realise there is nothing you can do about it, and fate is throwing you a line to show you just exactly how little you can do about it all!!! smiley - weirdsmiley - yikessmiley - wah)
What could I do? I was gutted! smiley - cry

I'll miss the wee fella.
I'm sure he's smiling down on us smiley - sheep
smiley - sorry to everyone who met, loved, cared for Meetsheep.

smiley - cheers pal.


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Latest reply: Nov 24, 2003

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