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The Staff Room

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h2g2 Communications

(You see a newly refurbished staff break room with a table, several chairs, a refrigerator, a small sink, and a coffee maker. Near the fridge, the h2g2 2012 calendar* hangs from an ornate brass hook.)


The Staff Room

Post 2

Asteroid Lil - Offstage Presence

*slouches in, puts her netbook on the table and heads for the microwave with a bag of popcorn*

The Staff Room

Post 3

minichessemouse - Ahoy there me barnacle!

Has this Staff Room been smiley - mammoth proofed?

I only ask after what happened *last* time!

I'm not really clocked in, i just can't sleep. The rain is bouncing off some plastic piping right outside my bedroom window and it's keeping me awake.

minismiley - mouse

The Staff Room

Post 4

lil ~ Auntie Giggles with added login ~ returned

*drags in her Matt* smiley - lurk

We could do with some curtains and nets at the window.. and I'm not really here, I only got up for some painkillers </>

smiley - sleepy

The Staff Room

Post 5

Icy North

I think it just arrived: A87720014

The Staff Room

Post 6


Morning! I baggsy the big red leather armchair behind the big mahogony desk with the green leather top, all assembled nicely next to the fireplace. And oooh, is that a beer fridge underneath it? Fully stocked too I see.

It's almost as though somebody knew I might drop in smiley - winkeye

Work you say? Er, I'll just have a doze first, night all zzzzz.......

The Staff Room

Post 7

Little Lost Mammoth

*Carefully Wanders in on tip toe and sits down carefully by the fire*

The Staff Room

Post 8


*blinks into the... well, rain-light*

Cor, that was a dreadful night's sleep. Thank heavens for earplugs. smiley - yawn

smiley - fairy

The Staff Room

Post 9

Dr Anthea - ah who needs to learn things... just google it!

Ooh it's looking all nice and new...

The Staff Room

Post 10

Lanzababy - Guide Editor

pushes hand luggage into corner, grabs a quick coffee.

Hey! the guy who just sold me a replacement Hitchhiker book, was really impressed to meet me. I mentioned the website and he knew all about the fact that it had been bought by the members. We're really riding on a wave of good feeling out there. It's good ain't it?

The Staff Room

Post 11

Mr. Dreadful - But really I'm not actually your friend, but I am...

Well, isn't this nice?

*Wanders over to the fridge and opens the door.*

How is there *already* an out-of-date yogurt in there?

The Staff Room

Post 12

Nosebagbadger {Ace}

Whats the view outside the window like?

The Staff Room

Post 13

Witty Moniker

*Enters bearing iPad, steno pad and smiley - biro.*

Oh, good... No cubicles. I'll take that lovely armoire/computer desk with the wing chair.

The Staff Room

Post 14

aka Bel - A87832164

smiley - lurk

The Staff Room

Post 15

Magwitch - My name is Mags and I am funky.

*shuffles in*

*sticks AC/DC calender on the wall*

The Staff Room

Post 16

Icy North

*plugs it into the AC/DC socket*

The Staff Room

Post 17

Researcher 14993127

smiley - footprintssmiley - footprints*sneaks in while no-ones looking. Nails up copy of rules.*


smiley - stnirptoofsmiley - stnirptoof*sneaks off again*

smiley - cat

The Staff Room

Post 18


That was a lovely nap. Now to see about fixing this phone.

The Staff Room

Post 19

Asteroid Lil - Offstage Presence

*having popped her popcorn, heads over to the alcove where her computer desk has been installed, drags the tablet and stylus front and center and begins working up a design in Painter 11*

The view out the windows is like the view out the windows at one end of Windsor Castle, all parkland carefully arranged to look like nobody ever lived there. Except for the view of the beach. No beach at Windsor. Or the view of Mt. Sandcastle.

The Staff Room

Post 20

Nosebagbadger {Ace}

Just in case anyone tries to get rid of it - its a worthwhile cause i feel

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