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Good GOD

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Are trying to kill me? Why mention me on your little example on non-living friends being included in your list?

I hope this tells you something about where I stand in your paranoia count.
(I'd use a smiley here but really ahven't had the time to work them out yet)

I will be visiting 'your' underguide in the, preferably near, future though.

I just need to get my life sorted out before I can seriously spend some time here.

Bye for now,

Good GOD

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a girl called Ben

It is the tag - as I hoped the footnote made clear. I must confess, the longer the tag is around, the more doubts I have about it. I am sorry it made you feel so paranoid. And don't worry about not using smileys either - I am pretty ambivalent about them too.

I hope your RL starts flowing in a different direction soon. It is a cliche, but every tide does, eventually, change.

Good luck.


Good GOD

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You've made yourself perfectly clear. It was, evidently poor, atempt on my part to be funny.

My life's great, don't worry (not that you'd really be, but it was nice of you to wish me well). I just meant I continue to be extremely occupied and cannot explore and contribute to the guide nearly as much as I'd like.

I've read in your space that you love a full moon. You should have a look outside my window. It's absolutely stunning.

I don't have my digital camera here or I'd mail a picture. It's really mesmerizing.

See you around.


Good GOD

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a girl called Ben

I saw it when it was gibbous, and it was stunning then. One of the things that I really dislike about living in a town is not seeing the sky.

August... the Harvest Moons.

Take care.


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