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Ou Hoo?

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Researcher U197087

I'm worrying about him now, for reasons best known to (creator-deity of choice). From over here it looks like he's gone into a spiral of rant-or-run and it reminds me so much of when I first turned up 'here', only to be triggered to about age 6 (emotionally) by my father's death.

I miss his intellect and his humour, wish him well and I hope he'll be okay. Please keep an eye out for the blue corner, and take care too, Ben. smiley - ok

smiley - donut

Ou Hoo?

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Researcher U197087

P.S. Sorry to hear about the postponement of your rolling-meet plan with Tony. I hope you guys keep it in mind, and if you do get it going, you'll pass by Chicago to see Barton and I (and Mrs. Barton, and psychocandy) smiley - biggrin

smiley - hug Take care.

Ou Hoo?

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a girl called Ben

Bloody hell, I missed this one! I am doing some deep-spring-cleaning before a period of absense, (mainly unsubbing from convos I haven't been involved in, and pages I am no longer interested in), and I found this, of yours.

I assume that by now you know Hoo = Frumious Bundersnatch?

Anyway, as mentioned, I am off yonder for a while.

Take care.


Ou Hoo?

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Researcher U197087

No worries, Ben smiley - biggrin I had detected the presence of blue and have been watching with unrepentantly voyeuristic delight but not getting involved, as seems to be the safer option all round these days. Beside which I have far greater priorities onsite now with the survivors group I've got going, and my bond with the Rolskys and pc, who I'm now engaged to smiley - love but still in blighty.

Take care too. smiley - rose


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Ou Hoo?

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