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Total Persective Vortex

The front has just passed.
I stand in the open, watching the clouds as the storm moves in. The skies are alight with lightning, the thunder rolls across the landscape; its echoes rebounding off the adjacent structures.
Crack, another lightning bolt; followed by an ever shortening time later by another clap of thunder. Now here comes the rain.
First there are a few droplets. A crack of thunder later and the tiny droplets have metamorphosed into full grown drops. They soak the ground, yet I remain dry under my parasol, until the winds pick up. The rain lifts the drops and scatters them across my line of sight and under my shelter.
The wind increases to a fever pitch and there are no longer any vertical drops, the whole scene has been turned on its side. Another bolt flashes, leaving a small after trail in my eyes, and the clap reaches me before my eyes have fully cleared; the force of it moves my ever dampening clothing, or maybe thats the wind.
A crack of thunder louder than any previous catches me unaware, I had seen no lightning; and this announces the full force of the storm.
The winds rise to a fever pitch, making my parasol ineffectual and wetting me through.
The scene is now alive with lightning, my ears assaulted with thunderclaps, the wind embracing me with a cold clamminess like the embrace of a long passed lover. Still I watch, feeling the power of nature course through my nerves, causing my hair to rise with goose pimples. The knowledge that I am powerless to stop this juggernaut, or even turn its attention elsewhere, borders on overwhelming. I am surrounded, helpless; at the mercy of this force which could end my excitement on a whim, render me incapable of even seeing the end of this spectacular display.
I stand, cold and alone, sodden through, with my parasol now leaning listlessly by my side as the winds begin to soften their screams. The rain returns again to accepting the force of gravity, and the scene before me begins to clear from the grey haze it had become.
I have been witness to one of natures true demonstrations of power, and come through with a slightly better perspective of my place in the cosmos, and my utter powerlessness to do anything about it.....
God I need a smoke smiley - winkeye


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promises, promises

There is music in the background, a lone trumpet which escalates into a series of brass. "You, you, you" floats idly by as I sit at my desk. I am ensconced among a series of paperworks, each more imposing than the last.
I pour myself two fingers, close my eyes and tilt my head while the liquid slides down my throat; in the distance a lone police siren brays its indignent curses, shattering the otherwise unbroken peacefulness of the night.
Again the piles.
One is taxes, or rather statements from my employ, and the ensuing deductionssmiley - scientist, to which taxes will be applied.smiley - thief You see being a courier is a fine job. My steed is comfortable, and indeed climate controlled, and the countryside can be quite beautiful once one gets away from the din of main highways. I set my own routes, stop as I please and generaly have no one breathing down my neck.
The next pile is shorter by a considerable amount, shorter but more potent. This pile, my old ivory tipped boots, is filled with demands of monitary compensationsmiley - yikes for such credit as I have accumulated. This pile is a far more menacing pile than the last. You see the former pile is far more majestic. It stands proudly, many, many sheets thicker than the latter; but I fear, represents a figure so close to my credits as to make no odds, or accumulated wealth.
This, my old faithful basset hounds, is the crux of my delema. Two more fingers go down as I contemplate my place in the Grand Scheme.
As I stated before, I like my employ. In fact, outside of my outside interests, you know, writing the odd sentence string in pursuit of entertainment, playing the odd note or stanza in pursuit of expression; I can think of no better way I would rather while away my waking hours.
Yet I am not forwarding myself financialy.
I am to be wed in thirteen months and am in no position to take care of a familysmiley - 2cents; an ever growing family if my beloved keeps up her sweet whisperingssmiley - tickle. Do I enjoy thing as they are, and stack my rubber ducks in the hands of higer monitary promises? Do I go back to the ever dreaded manual labor? which pays well but makes one old far before time. Do I seek new and uncharted areas with starting pays at or below my level in the kiddie pool? With more monitary promises?
These are the things the Guidesmiley - dontpanic was created for, maybe I'll have a look.....
Results to follow


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I've noticed something as I've bounced about, my cyber-compatriots.
I think the number of responses to postings is directly related to how large the original posting was. smiley - eurekasmiley - erm
So I'm going to keep this short, and not go on and on and on and blah,blah,blah, as I am wont to do; just to see.
Plus I wanted to post a link to my fiance's website:
And if one went to "special F/X"...the big white face is mine smiley - winkeye


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The Ultimate Question

My diligent dignitaries,
Those who follow my progress through hootoo may have noticed a cryptic remark dropped hither and fro as I conversed about. I apologise for the cloak and dagger bit, but my beloved is my self professed biggest fan, and reads everything I write, including most postings...and it just wouldn't due to ruin my surprise.

Yesterday, Sat 23rd, We set out north to picnic at her favorite spot, to celebrate the anniversary of our first meeting. It is a beautiful field in Ossipee, New Hampshire (USA). Allow me to se the scene:
We are sitting at the top of a rolling hill, tree lined on the far side, a stone wall between us and Rt. 16. The hill rolls gently downhill untill it reaches a lake, split a ways in by a tree lined bridge; the effect of which is one lake actually looks like two.
The far edge of the lake is where the mountains begin again (NH is mountainous country) and they roll upwards at least 5,000ft.
I was sitting with my back slightly to the scene, because I needed the sunlight to be between myself and my beloved; the reason will become clear shortly.
We ate a fabulous picnic, worthy of Martha Stewart herself, to whom my beloved keeps a mental alter, and finished with some strawberrys and cream. All the while my eyes are watching the sky, judging the clouds; it is a reletively clear day, but there are some whisps of clouds approaching, my timing must be perfect.
She fills our goblets with wine, a matching set hand crafted from Pyrex; one cloud is now between us and the sun, but it will pass shortly, I get up on one knee "to make a toast".
"Since I met you my life hasn't been the same, and every day that passes I become more and more convinced that I don't want to live without you," the cloud is just starting to pass, the sunlight begins to play on her curls; my hand slips quietly into my pocket.

"Beloved, in front of these rocks, these mountains, this lake, these trees, Wll You Marry Me?" I set the wine down and open the small box I have concealed in my hand. The sunlight shone down, and plays off the Diamond more brilliantly than I could have hoped for. Her eyes are shining as she looks at me, rainbows from the Gem dancing on her wet cheeks, "Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!"

And just like that, your old, stained coffee cup is engaged! Months of planning have gone off without a hitch.
We spent the rest of the day shopping in Conway, the odd retail outlet, that sort of thing. We also found the place where we will get Tatoos (mine to finish, and likely more, and her first).
We spent last night in a fabulous Bed and Breakfast, run by two men who obviously, um, enjoy their work.
The place was called Riverbend and was, if you can beleive it, actually on the bend of a river; a nice meandering waterway which really was quite beautiful. We breakfasted on the deck overlooking the scene, and had Creme Brulee' French toast. This was, if I may coin a phrase, the bees knees, the wasps nipples, it was in fact the eroginous zones of every major flying insect!
I also reccomend it.
We arrived home, after a wonderfuly non-trafficed journey, where I fed the pets, and was immediately off again to contractual guarding. My fiance (I can say that now smiley - winkeye) of course went straight to her mothers to show off her newest adornment.
She, of course, already knew. I asked their permission months ago.


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Things that go BOOM

I have returned, my mountains of fortitude, to give an accounting of my lapsed time.
Let me begin the day before my birthday. I was in the midst of my courier duties, a routine delivery consisting of several stops. There I sat, firmly ensconced in traffic, and anyone in the Northeast, USA, can attest to the severity of City traffic; as can drivers in London, according to the much missed DNA. So lulled was I by the meager movements of my surrounding compatriots that my attention wandered; I began thinking of ideas for stories, playing with the radio, wondering what was going on with HooToo in my absence, thinking about dinner BOOM!!
I had involuntarily run into the rear of the vehicle in front of me, which happened to be a van with a very sturdy and high set bumper. My airbags never deployed, probably saving me no little cost in resetting, because the lamented bumper rode right over my own and crushed my hood.
The time after is a bit of a blur, sitting on the side of the highway with an immovable vehicle, waiting for the wrecker; as well as someone to relieve me of my courier burdens. This last passed without further incident, I was conveyed home, and luckily I had purchased another vehicle (Jeep Grand Cherokee, remember her?) so I and my beloved were not in want for a vehicle, that is until...
A week or so later, just a few days before my favorite holiday, Independence Day; once again, in the midst of my courier duties, my phone rang. The much lamented Chevy Blazer, which was my beloved’s original vehicle and the reason for procuring the Jeep, went BOOM in the parking lot; where by the way, it still darkens the asphalt. So now, from 3 vehicles, we were reduced to 1.

This is not to say my time was wholly miserable. On Independence Day I was treated to a singular gift; I was to be involved in the shooting off of the Fireworks!
We met that day at the crack of noon, to begin assemblage of the launching tubes; as well as the stage for the band which would be the prelude entertainment.
We built, we sweated, we swore, and we completed the task three hours before the grand event; in which time I changed and showered, and contained my excitement for the upcoming event.
My beloved and I enjoyed the band, watched the Egg roll eating contest (which incidentally was won by my Brother-in-law) and visited with friends from out of state who had come for the event. (Independence Day in the Boston area is unlike anywhere else in the country)
The time came, the sun had gone down, and the band was playing the national anthem, my beloved off in the wings….BOOM!
The night sky burst with light, the show had begun. I was assigned the 6” shells, the biggest we were shooting that night, and the roar of the shells as they left they’re confines is almost beyond description; suffice it to say they were bright and LOUD!
The show continued for about a ½ hr. in which time there were no ill events, everyone emerged with all appendages intact. In fact the only harm I sustained was at the end as we were walking towards the crowd, estimated at app. 20,000; I was holding my flare above my head and was rained down upon by the embers. I am given to understand it was a fabulous show; a good time was had by all.

All this aside things have returned to a semblance of normalcy. My car is returned, fully restored, and I am still on call as I write this, while waiting for my new (used) dryer to arrive, after my old one also went BOOM.
I assure you that is the last BOOM of my sorted tale, and I thank any and all who have taken the time to read it. I shall not be so long winded in the future, but I also wanted a complete telling of my events, since I am an eager news hawk.


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