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Happy Holidays!

I sit with back hurting and survey my nights work. It's 3 in the morning, I began wrapping at 11; but one night is a small sacrifice for the delight of a child on Christmas morning.
The house is filled with the smells of baking, my beloved having spent the day making the familys presents by hand. We stuck to the not buying for the family plan, but making things out of love, and quite alot of flower it turns out, is the best present we could give.
I lay on the couch, too late to go to bed now, I would only disturb my beloved, and then she would lay awake while I sleep the night away; she's had a long day, better to stay where I am.
The stockings are hung by the chimney, with definite care; they have turned out to be heavy little buggers. The tree is alight with baubles and ornaments, and the presents flow from the bottom like a volcano gone wrong. Everything is prepared, it's going to be a good Christmas.

I am awoken by a kiss on the cheek and a cup of coffee next to me, my step-daughter by my feet.
"Merry Christmas!"
We go into the livingroom, and I am rewarded with the twinkle in their eyes, as well as the stocking my beloved had secreted away early in the morning.
We searched our stockings and ate fresh baked cinnamon rolls before diving into the presents.
In the aftermath of the morning, we got ourselves clean and shiney, and we were away by 10:30; beginning our journey around Eastern Mass. in pursuit of family. We first went to my Aunts house, for a wonderful meal and many more shining childs eyes. The Family loves my Fiance's baked gifts, and once again tell me how wonderful she is and how much they are looking forward to our marrage; like I need telling smiley - winkeye
After dinner we were again away, this time to her parents house for dessert, and yet more family and fun.
Incidently, the hit of the day had to be a remote controlled hovering, flying sort of thing we gave to her nephew. Seriously, it is very coolsmiley - cool. It's this round, propeller driven, styrofoam toy which will fly higher than a house!
Anyway, we were then off to drop my step-daughter off at her Fathers, so she could get three more sets of gifts! This is, in effect, one spoiled 12yr old! We then returned to the house, where I gave her the gifts I couldn't give her in front of her daughter smiley - winkeye, and then we had ourselves a merry little Christmas indeedsmiley - tongueout

Today we got up at the crack of 10 and began the process of normalizing the abode. That accomplished, I made the mistake of suggesting we change around the bedroom, she was upstairs in an instant, apparently before I could change my mind, and the next several hours were spent in a flurry of furniture and dust.
Let me just mention that I am alergict to dust, and many, many tissues hold witness to that factsmiley - erm
House in some sort of order, we went back to her parents to celebrate her brothers birthday; born on Christmas, tough gig. We had yet another fabulous meal, this time followed by smiley - cake, and then I had to be off myself.
I am at the studio tonite because tomorrow, my usual night, we will be at a Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert!! Aren't you jealous?

That is how my Holiday went, how about you?


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Holiday Madness

Hello again my friends, my patient compatriots. Let me begin with an update from my last entry. Even though Saturday is traditionally the money making day for the Haunted House, the Sunday snow date did even better than Friday! Grand total was well over $10,000 raised for the Boys and Girls club; pretty smiley - bleeping cool in my opinion smiley - biggrin
Also to say don't follow the previous link, it no longer works smiley - sadface

Once again the holidays are upon us, and far too quickly as far as this researcher is concerned.
Thanksgiving was spent in the company of my soon to be in-laws. The company was excelent, the food was exquisite; I walked away several pounds heavier than when I entered.
I must admit that Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday, bested only by Independence Day, and that's only because unless something has gone spectacularly wrong, nothing explodes on Thanksgiving smiley - winkeye
Both holidays achieve their rank because they are still about the traditions which spawned them. I really do give thanks for everything I have and spend the day celebrating that, and celebrate my independent by setting off explosives and speaking loudly and adversely about the government (To quote Douglas Adams : "I'm kidding of course, thats my job")
Now I hold no stock with Christianity, but I seriously doubt that Christmas was spawned in the spirit of plastic trees and stores profit margins; nor was Easter concieved for the holy chocolate bunny. I'm no Grinch or anything, I just wish that holidays would be more about the people we give the gifts to, and not so much about the gifts themselves.
That being said, I am looking forward to a less stressful ChristmaHanaQuanzica. My beloved has insisted on a policy of only buying for the kids, and not expecting any in return smiley - cry
I'll admit to being a bit adverse about this policy at first, I do enjoy matching gifts to people and getting things they will enjoy, and of course the kid in me screams and stamps is small but adiment foot; but I must admit to the logic of it; in fact she had to rebuke me,
"You're the one who wants it to be about family, right?" Boy did I feel smiley - sheepish. Of course that's why I'm with her, she's not afraid to tell me when I'm being stupid smiley - winkeye

I shall endeavor to keep up to speed in the coming adventure, but battle lines are being drawn and the troops are gathering; preparing the raid on the local vendors while they defend themselves with acres of small furry amunition.


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the Warm, the Cold and the Snowy

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A Fairely good time

Ahh, to live in the time of the renaissance! I would truely wish it, if leaches weren't high medical technologysmiley - erm Not even a simple asprin for a sword slash, just get very, very, VERY drunk.
I made 3 sojourns into the past since my last entry, and the best part....twice was with free passes! (at $24 a person that's no small feat)

The first entry was for costume completion, and as it was raining I got a chance to feild test my Halloween costume (the afforementioned oil-skin garb) and it all passed with flying colors. Yes my hallowed Hessian halibuts, I remained totally dry despite the damp conditions, and everything dryed completely with no ill effects. Bring on the Haunted House!

The second entry was in full garb. We had purchased final adornments (or as it turned out, mostly new outfits) and my Beloved mad her own skirt, which ended up better than I've seen in most shops.
Also, as it was a nice sunny day, I was able to bring Figit. Figit is a shoulder companion, roughly a cross between a cat and a bat, with a cable running out of his tail, which allows me to control his head; in out, left right. The result of which is that is can look incredibly realistic from a distance, and many small children get very excited; seeing it as proof that their parents don't know everything smiley - winkeye

The third time was a complete surprise. Because of a bizzar turn of events, we ended up with 6 passes from someone that gets free tickets every year, and they weren't going to use them, so they gave them to us! (Must remember to send them a Christmas card)
We tried to get a small group together, but could find no one last minute, so we sold 4 tickets (and made $80 smiley - winkeye which was mostly spent on a tarot reading and a henna tattoo smiley - grr)
That aside, we once again had a ball! it was raining again, but I (we) have good, sturdy, wool cloaks which actually get warmer when they get wet; so there was no issue there. It being the final weekend it was also packed, dispite the rain.
The shows were fantastic, the deals superb; I can't wait for next yearsmiley - biggrin

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"Dead Gunslinger in Devils Gulch"

Hello again, my lovely lederhosen
It has been several weeks since my last entry, and I'd like to say I've spent the time bettering humanity; only I havn't.
Thats not to say I havn't been busy, oh no, not by a long shot over third; my bases have been loaded and my plate has been full while the pot overflows.
I have worked enough to double my paychecks, but don't tell the IRSsmiley - yikes lovely lavender lace lingerie that they are; they'd only want more of it smiley - winkeye
I have also completed my Haunted House tour guide outfit. We're doing a Ghost Town, so I'm doing a Gunslinger; and the best part about it is it's all useable stuff smiley - ok
Full length Oilskin coat (although on me it's a 3/4, I'm 6'6" smiley - winkeye)
Oiled leather hat, collapsible. I can curl it up and stick it in my pocket, and it'll spring back into shape!
Oiled leather boots. Just got them yesterday, and they'll also finish my Renaissance outfitsmiley - geek, which is VERY handy 'cause King Richards Faire is in town smiley - somersault
And my Fiance is going to lend me one of her old rifles (she was once considered for the Olympic Shooting team smiley - winkeye)
Add her painting me up to look dead, and I should be someone you'd like to guide you through a Haunted House, right?
"Dead Gunslinger in Devils Gulch", got a sort of ring to it, don't you think?

I have also discovered a flaw in my current temporary monitary supplimation. That flaw is best described as "New England Winters"
Now I know the rest of the world gets snow, some get considerably more than we do. But I can not beleive there is anywhere else where it is greeted with such a Gung-Ho attitude as in the NorthEast USA. People tend to get a bit crazy, wanting to take the elements on in true 'live free or die' fasion.
I also beleive that snow was taken into consideration in the design of most places which receive it, not so here. We (the NorthEast in General, MA and NH in specific) are built on land between mountain and sea, namely foothills; hills being the operative word.
My $$$ in Courrier-dom is based on being able to get around the state, and usually AROUND the Highways.
Snow + hills, as well as very small and numerous backroads; and you end up with either:
=impassable roads, or
=real life pinball machine

So again I'm gripped in the throughs of a mental tailspin, which is also a contributing factor to my absence from Hootoo, as well as a very splendid and worthwhile story contained therein smiley - cheers
I'll try to keep my onlineness to a maximum, and my oneness to a minimum.


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