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Thoughts on the new place

It seems a bit quiet around here... Am I used to the pell-mell churn of social networking now, and the prospect of a post or two an hour seems glacial?

Or have lots of people found themselves in a similar position to me - somewhat displaced out of time, seeing (the postings of) internet acquaintances for the first time in years and not really knowing what to say...?

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You don't post a thing for years and thenall of a sudden it's like the whole place has been uprooted...

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Blast from the past


This feels like I'm stepping back in time 5 years... No, longer than that, even.

I hope that anyone who still has my username friended (or whatever the appropriate term used to be...) doesn't get too big a shock! smiley - winkeye

I'm doing pretty well, working nights for a media monitoring agency in London, and living in a shoebox flat with my girlfriend near Ally Pally. I'm currently learning to rollerskate with a view to playing roller derby, which has proven a particularly painful endeavour thus far - already sprained my wrist and dislocated my shoulder in the 8 or so weeks I've been doing it, and I have a gloriously colourful bruise on my bottom. Which is nice. Ahem.

Anyway, I'm here on a whim to check the old place out, so please don't get the idea that this might be the start of more to come... I'm much more usually found on Livejournal or F*ceb**k. But not Myspace, as Myspace is a pile of old cobblers.

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Well, blimey

So h2g2 seems to be pupating into something entirely different, and many of the die-hard old guard seem to be either bailing out or muttering darkly of the End Times and so on.

I am entirely ignorant of all the events that have led up to this sea-change, but I have ascertained that it's kicked off due to EV making his departure due to contretemps with the ACEs.

Well, I am rather bemused by this, as the EV I remember was one of the nicest guys on the site.

Eh, as my involvement in h2g2 is so minimal anyway, I may just slink back into lurking mode, to be honest. Rest assured that I don't think I'll walk away from h2g2, despite my prolongued absences in the past; who knows, this may even spur me into more activity. Goodness knows I've made more posts in the last 30 minutes than I have in probably about the last 12 months. smiley - winkeye

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More unhindered progress through my life

And so it comes to pass that I miss another meet, another year goes by and I grow a little older.

Apologies to all of my regular and passing acquaintance; I really am most remiss in keeping up with people.

Anyway, my currect status is alive, living in North London in the rather striking shadow of Alexandra Palace and working nights for a press clippings agency.

My list of achievements since my last journal entry is pitifully small, but then again, I regard continuing existence in a modicum of comfort to be a success. smiley - smiley

How's everyone else doing? Those that may occasionally peruse my journal, that is.

See y'all soon... smiley - smiley

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