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OK, this new Brunel thing you've got going on.. one word.. WEIRD. Anyway, I guess I'm kinda back here again. Don't know if I'll write anything though. Can't seem to get around to doing that, what with school and ASCII and all.

This is a great place though. I just found out about the hidden features on the NIN DVD so now I'll have to get over to my friend's place and check it out. Damn friend, always has all the cool stuff. smiley - smiley

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Latest reply: Oct 11, 2002

I've been gone for a while...

...but now I'm back. Kind of. Let's see if I can manage to actually stay here for a while. smiley - smiley

I've been playing Nomad Soul quite a lot lately. It's a cool game. I might write something about it if I get the time, provided that no one's written about it already. smiley - erm Which reminds me... I might want to write about The Longest Journey. Let's see, is there an Entry about that..?

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Latest reply: Mar 11, 2002

Breaking news

Apparently, "breaking news" means "news that bog down servers to the point of almost breaking them". Don't get me wrong, I can hardly believe that the World Trade Center is gone, perhaps along with the 50,000 people who worked (twice as many than the people in my hometown!), but I just feel that the QoS of h2g2 shouldn't be so affected by world events, albeit a major one...

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Latest reply: Sep 11, 2001

Zen, ASCII art and diabolo juggling

smiley - zen Ooommmm...

There, that covers the Zen. As for ASCII art, it's quickly becoming an addiction that is taking over my life. 8) I even managed to miss two or three days' worth of checking my "Forum Postings by iaoth" page. smiley - yikes Note the "two or three", indicating that my new addiction is making me lose track of time.

Well, it is a lot of fun. I've started drawing a daily comic strip (purely in ASCII of course), and that takes time. Well, drawing it is more or less the easy part for me (as opposed to -real- cartoon artists), but coming up with jokes is getting harder and harder. At first I even had a whopping two strips a day, but soon enough I had to rack my brain to come up with a way to round off the W3R3Z D00D story arc. Now that I've finally freed myself of that story, I suddenly manage to draw three strips in a single day (the upcoming episodes 17-19). smiley - smiley

My diabolo juggling is still improving. I can do a wrapped trapeze, an alternately wrapped trapeze, and a basic whip (well, sometimes). My dad suggested that I try using two pairs of sticks, holding one of them back to front so I get two strings to bounce the diabolo off. After a bit of training, I could bounce the diabolo back and forth and do "alternating orbits", ie one orbit on one string, the next on the other and so on. Kinda like a planet jumping between suns. smiley - smiley

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Douglas Adams tribute and stuff

I just had to link to the best Douglas Adams tribute I've read so far. It's by far the best thing I've ever read for a long time.

The on-line hacking spree? That lasted a week end and was lots of fun. A friend and I thought up a brilliant new self-organising knowledge representation scheme that we're thinking of using in a game AI. We'll have to implement it and test it first, of course, but it sure seems cool. I've implemented a simplified version that works rather well. Now we only have to invent a new kind of inference engine. smiley - smiley

My diabolo juggling is coming along rather well. I can do the Open Orbit (throwing the diabolo from left to right and letting it roll back, right to left, on the string) lots and lots of times in a row, I can bounce the diabolo on the string, throw it high into the air and catch it, do the Grind (throwing the diabolo and catching it on a stick), and the Trapeze (smiley - erm I don't know how to describe that one).

smiley - biggrin

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