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That was a weird day

smiley - weird Thursday morning is usually the worst of the week for traffic and commuting in Austin. I don't know why. There are more cars on the road, longer queues at the lights, more people on the bus, people getting on or off at stops where there's no-one the rest of the week, and there are more... problem bus passengers. I usually get to work a few minutes late on Thursdays because the second bus of my journey is inevitably at least ten minutes late, and gets later as we progress.

Not yesterday. It was on time. And it stayed on time for the rest of the journey. And there were very people on it, or getting on it. I got to work early smiley - wow

smiley - weird After getting changed in the break room and walking into the brewery, which was open, and there was some music playing, and machines were running, there was no-one there smiley - huh Place was like the bleedin' Marie Celeste. After a while people started wandering in but I never got around to finding out where they'd all been.

smiley - weird I spent around an hour yesterday up to my elbows in hops. Not something you might expect to find in a place that makes cider, but we make a hopped cider now, and it's quite smiley - drool

smiley - weird Someone who's been with us for only a short while but already had a promotion to team leader announced, quite out of the blue that he's leaving and moving to Asheville (can't remember if that's North or South Carolina).

smiley - weird My journey home was as easy as the journey to work, in fact even more so. The bus that's the bane of my commuting life - the 300 - which is almost always late, often by several factors of its scheduled frequency, was not only on time, it was actually early! *Faints* ::THUD:: ©® At first, I thought this must be the previously scheduled bus running almost 15 minutes late, but no - the driver announced that we were ahead of schedule and had to wait for two minutes. What's more, this particular bus usually involves a driver changeover - a somewhat lengthy affair and not what you want when the bus is late and you've got a connection to make.

smiley - weird Rather than going straight home last night I had to call in at a shop to buy a replacement airbed. I bought one about six months ago but a few nights ago I found myself sinking smiley - yikes Since it's not the kind of thing you can put in a bowl of water to find the leak, like a bicycle tyre, I figured I'd just go and buy another one. After all, it was only $45. I spend more than that on a bottle of Scotch at least once a month, and I decided that if this one only last six months too, I'll make the effort to buy a proper bed. But when I got to the shop the shelf tag said $88 smiley - huh Oh well, I need a bed so I'll get it anyway. But when I got to the checkout and the woman scanned it... $45 smiley - biggrin

smiley - weird The interwebs was being a bit weird last night. I posted something on Twitter about an old mill in Bradford being destroyed by fire. I hit the post button and it showed up, but then I refreshed the page to bring up the "View summary" link, because it had a link to a BBC news story, and it vanished smiley - huh About ten minutes later it reappeared, but this morning... gone completely.

In fact, the interwebs is being even weirder this morning than last night.

smiley - weird But the most weird thing about yesterday?

I had no booze *Faints* ::THUD:: ©®

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I seem to have picked up the bicarb instead of the cornflour to put in the tomato sauce. Oh bother.

Fizzy baked beans anyone? smiley - tongueout

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That was worryingly scarily worrying

My internet connection went out about ten minutes ago. It's a sign of how much I've (and I guess, we've, as a society) become dependent on it because my first reaction was smiley - yikes

I think I could no more live without it now, at least in my current lifestyle, than I could walk out of the front door naked. If I was living in a different place and doing different things, like farming a smallholding and raising my own food, I'd be too busy and have too many other interests to spend as much time on teh interwebs as I do, but the way I live right, well, I pretty much live on it.

And I have the nerve to criticise teenagers (and older) who can't put their phones down smiley - blushsmiley - whistle

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Who to believe?

I've almost never been able to cook rice well. Y'know, all fluffy and separate like you get in a curry house or a Chinese. So, on the BBC Food YouTube channel I find two videos telling us how to do that... but they both say exactly the opposite! smiley - headhurts

Jane says rinse your rice and stir it once it starts to boil

Delia says don't rinse it and don't stir it

I'm so confused smiley - headhurts At least they both agree on the amount of water.

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Sometimes you win; sometimes you lose; sometimes... it rains

I've had a good and a bad morning. The bad first.

I think I mentioned a few months ago that I'd found another place where I can buy the 2lb boxes of loose tea that, up to now, I've been getting at that Indian food shop that's a pain in the fundament to get to on the bus. Well, I'm running low on tea, so this morning I went there to load up. They don't sell it any more smiley - facepalm That puts me in a bind because I may, or may not, have enough tea to last me until this time next week, and I don't have half a day to spare taking the bus to and from the Indian place smiley - flustered It looks like I might have to spend four times the price (per oz) on Yorkshire Tea at the foodie supermarket, which I wasn't planning on going to this week.

And the good.

The place I went to this morning (Spanish word for 'party', BG) is relatively easy to get to compared to the Indian shop, but the way the buses are scheduled I have to either run in, grab what I need and rush out again, or spend 40 minutes killing time before the next bus back home. I recently noticed though that there's a DIY store next to it, and I started wondering what I might need there. And then I thought "Ooh, an American fitting for that lamp I brought over with me 16 years which has a British fitting and which I haven't used since the last bulb blew because I had to buy the bulbs from a specialist place that sells US-voltage bulbs with a British bayonet fitting and they have to special order them and they're expensive and the place is way up in north Austin and wouldn't it be so much better if I could just use an ordinary bulb in it."

And now I can smiley - biggrin

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