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At a loose end

Earlier this evening I watched the final episode of The Water Margin, coincidentally on the day Burt Kwouk (who was the narrator) died.

Just now I finished watching the final episode of Bulman, which means I've seen every time that Don Henderson played George Kitchener Bulman (The XYY Man, Strangers, Bulman), in which at least two of those he mentions the egg banjo A776054 which is one of my two favourite h2g2 entries.

So what am I to watch now on Saturday evenings (Tuesday being my Saturday)?

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A day of melancholy

Not just because George Martin popped his clogs yesterday, but also because, for the first time in my adult life, I've bought a pair of trousers where the waist size exceeds the inside leg smiley - sadface

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Oh, it's that time of the year

The time of the year when the oak tree outside Castle Gosho, the oak tree that TFSIGTD (that smiley - bleep squirrel is going to die) lives in, the oak tree that makes the pollen that makes me sneeze, drops its leaves all over my balcony and everything on it.

That means I'm going to have to get cracking with repotting my cacti soon. I remember learning when I first started collecting them, all those years ago (smiley - senior), that the best time to do it is just before growing season gets getting underway after their winter dormancy (not that we've had much of a winter this year), and in the UK that would mean around March/April time. Here, in Texas, it almost always catches me out because it's so much earlier ("Final Freeze... Gardeners, are you ready for the growing season? Looking at the past 65 years of weather records, the average final freeze takes place on February 23rd in metro Austin, which was Tuesday. At the Airport, those records show an average final freeze of March 4th. The latest ever? April 9th (1914) in the metro and April 17th (1999) at the Airport"), and one of my cacti already has several flower buds on it (pictures to follow).

A tip to the garden centre is on the cards.

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What a poxy day

Firstly, it's another no-water day. The first of the two scheduled for this week and the third of those scheduled for this fortnight. After this, hopefully there won't be any more. For a while.

Around 1pm my interwebs went out. Again. That's the fourth or fifth time in the past month, usually sometime in the afternoon. Who knows how many other times it's gone out while I've been at work. On a couple of occasions I've called the ISP, worked my way through the phone menu to get to tech support, and been given an automated message saying (to the effect of) we know there's an outage in your area and our support staff can't tell you anything about it so don't waste their time by whining about it.

It came back on about three hours later, but during that time my electricity went off for about five minutes as well!

Honestly, I don't think there was anything else that could have failed at that point. There wasn't anything else left to fail!

Good grief.

So around 3.30pm I decided to sit down with some Peter O'Toole and get drunk. I could have gone with Lawrence of Arabia or The Ruling Class. Given that Lawrence is nearly four hours long while The Ruling Class is a mere two hours, I went with the latter.

What a bloody good film that is. Peter O'Toole at his best, but Alastair Sim and Arthur Lowe steal the show. Hard to believe in a film with O'Toole, but they manage it.

But despite drinking some high-octane beers (and a few others that are less potent) I have yet to get more than slightly elevated.

Now I'm watching a film I haven't seen for many a year - That Sinking Feeling

Despite being made in 1979, two or three years before the advent of Channel 4 it bears all the hallmarks of those early Channel 4 and Film on 4 years. Sadly though, this is a dubbed version, with Scottish accents somewhat modified from the original to make them easier to understand.

Like Rab C Nesbitt ever needed that.

And I'm still not drunk. Time to get onto the hard stuff smiley - stiffdrink

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That doesn't sound so bad, actually

As long as you don't take it to the extreme, like he has, and eat *nothing* but spuds.

I like spuds. I like them a lot. Boiled, mashed, fried, roast, baked, on top of a shepherds pie. And according to that article you wouldn't have to eat much else to get your full quota of daily vitamins, minerals, protein etc. A few eggs here, a bit of cheese there, some fruit, the odd smiley - cake, and an occasional smiley - ale or smiley - stiffdrink Not to mention wholewheat flour for making tattie scones with. And maybe you could work some oats in somewhere.

But if you were to add other things to the diet, would you still end up losing weight as he has because of 'sensory-specific satiety', I wonder. The Gosho waistline could stand to lose an inch or two smiley - blush

As much as I've come to enjoy cooking in recent years, there are times (like this week for instance) where I wish I didn't have to but don't want to go out to eat. Doing nothing more than boiling up some spuds and mashing them for dinner seems quite appealing sometimes.

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