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I used to work here

And I think I had the best years of it before it became just another soulless corporate monolith.

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Leaving this here for reference

In case anyone says to me "I bet you can't remember the last day you didn't have any booze."

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Well this a little frustraing/embarrassing

Since last Thursday I've found myself getting logged out of h2g2 each time I close my browser. I don't know why - I haven't changed any settings. So I have to go through the whole Captcha thing every time. That's annoying.

Here's the embarrassing bit. As a 17-year veteran (I think it's 17... might be 16) of h2g2 and spinster of this parish (continuously, I might add - no buggering off for a time and coming back), you'd think I'd be able to find a help page that deals with difficulties such as being logged out. You'd think.

Can I? Can I 'eck as like smiley - huh

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It's oh so nice to go travelling

But it's so much nicer to come home.

I've just got back home after a couple of days in Dallas visiting Dewey (and the former Mrs Gosho, of course). He's the same old Dewey that he always was but he's definitely showing his age (16) smiley - senior He's a bit more arthritic than he was last time I saw him, exactly a year ago, and he's not seeing too well these days despite having medicine for his eyes and his blood pressure. Look at his pupils - they're like dinner plates smiley - sadface

But he remembered his dad as soon as I walked in, and wouldn't leave me alone smiley - brave Mrs Gosho (that was) is doing well after a bout of pancreatitis earlier this month. There was beer, there was food, there was curry, and there was Dewey smiley - loveblush

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If you've done six impossible things before breakfast

Well, not six - three. And not impossible - unusual.

Replied to two conversations and started a new journal entry.

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There is only one thing worse than being Gosho, and that is not being Gosho

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