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Welcome back!

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lil ~ Auntie Giggles with added login ~ returned

Hi Murray,

I'll leave you my usual greeting to help you find your way through the threads again smiley - hug

lil x

Welcome, welcome, welcome, to the wonderful Community of H2G2 (otherwise known as hootoo - you will see this word a lot). This is not an automated message, I am an <./>ACE</.>, and I'm here to help you settle into your new home smiley - winkeye

H2G2 is a living, breathing guide to Life, the Universe and Everything. It's something YOU can take part in. You can write entries on all manner of subjects, and if it's something you think would look good in our Edited Guide (where all the best research goes), you can submit it to Peer Review. Take a look at the <./>writing-guidelines</.> for more information on thatsmiley - smiley

I've created a little list of links, just for you, so click on A4992357 and have a look at them (actually the links are my daughter's... but, hey oh, Hootoo is one big family!) smiley - biggrin

If you click on each link, they will take you to parts of hootoo no sane person should ever go alone on this site.....

......but, as it seems no one here is sane, it doesn't matter does it? smiley - tongueout

Have a look around, pop into my personal space and read some of the conversations that I have on the go at the moment and you will see how things work. Don't be frightened to jump in on conversations, hootooers don't bite. smiley - ok

If you get lost shout for help, hopefully, I'll be around to give you a hand. In case I'm not, just leave a message here <./>ACE</.> and someone will be with you just as soon as they can. smiley - towel

Remember, I'm here to help. smiley - magic

lil xxx

Welcome back!

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Your help is greatly appreciated Lil.

I am so out of practice here, I might as well throw fish at a dartboard. I've looked for my old friends, and found none. I've looked for my old threads, and found none. So I have pretty much resigned myself that I am a born again Hootooer and will have to get back into well as get back into character.
Ok, I know it isn't strictly necessary, but it IS fun, and if I may be so bold my old and worn flannel nightshirt, I think I might just entertain you now and again; does that sound like a winning proposition? I'm all ears, and they need cleaning...

Welcome back!

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I like being Vip. She's comforting. And She would rather like to be entertained by someone in a nightshirt.

Wait. That came out wrong.

smiley - fairy

Welcome back!

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lil ~ Auntie Giggles with added login ~ returned


I'm saying nowt, Vip! smiley - laugh

Murray, some of your old friends might still be lurking - try scrolling down your threads in your old PS, or activate an old journal that sometimes wakes them up smiley - winkeye

lil x

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