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Sydney sydney sydney sydney sydney. There you go, search for that, Squiggly!!! Drugs? Me? Contraband? Never! You will not take away my catnip!!!!

Ohh, god.

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I'm tired...I'm not hungover, but I have that drained thing you get when you've been drinking...the object of my desire made out with a geek on ym front of me...I'm tired...wait I mentioned that one...

on the plus side, I did get to stroke her legs...

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12th September - good stuff, bad stuff

It's been three weeks since I have talked to anyone on here. So much crap has happened since then. It can pretty much be divided into positive and negative.

pos: cornwall was great.
neg: I had to come home early because I was really homesick and not very well.
pos: out of positive stuff.
neg: now I sound like a moaner.
pos: oh well i've always been a moaner anyway.
neg: had a realy bad evening and went insane with a razor not long ago.
pos: I don't think all of it will scar.
neg: some of it will scar.

I think I have lost the will to live.

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8th August - Depressed

I put on a mask
You don’t see me smile
Just leave me be I’m happy how I am
With nothing pressed against my ribs
Drumming with a frenzied beat
Everything stops around me
The feeling goes
Drains from me taking my essence with it
I’m nothing empty
Broken and pressed into shape
Filling a square nest
I’m scared of living
Scared of life
Scared of never achieving anything
It comes at me with a knife

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