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Flying days

Two weeks went whizzing past without a blink. I'm thick in the middle of grading papers on the Peloponnesian War. Anyone like Thucydides? He's a particular favorite historian of mine. If there is not an entry on him, I'll submit one and explain a bit about the war that self-destructed ancient Greece.
So typical of modern Greeks who spend most of their time screaming about politics and think nothing of it. Way of life,etc.

I promise later I will fulfill that promise of mine.

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The site has sucked up some of my brain matter by now, so I must be settling in. I need to find some visuals for all the informative articles. I'm a very visual person. I'll keep surfing for sites via h2g2.
nota bene* who stole my eclairs lastnight???????????

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im blown out by this site. why am i writing in small letters????? my cat is on my lap and she often rules a hand or two.
I'm off to check out more of the Muses club.

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2 days hence


Just jazzed to find another outlet for creativity, curiousity and potential mind melds with new friends.

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