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Tuesday 26 July 00

Wow ... Today was certainly easier.. only 820 emails regress 8 bugs and write 2 with one involving 8 pages and data links. Not too bad.. But it did get a little slow about 3 pm...

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Monday 7.24.00

Work... I love it but it getting tough. Today I was running an iMAC with Netscape4.75 and a PC with IE5.5 parallel to check page layouts in diffrent brousers. Normally I get 900+ emails and have my web site testing to do but today I had 1220 emails. It is getting hard to keep up.

I want to live in the country with no one around and have peace and quiet.

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Sunday 23 July 00


The ride yesterday was tough. Seems riding all day in 50f rain takes a lot out of you. I went to bed early bout 7pm and woke up at 3am..back to sleep and then up at 9am.. Wow did I sleep. Well it is a good catch up day..

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Todays Harley ride

Woke up late this morning 8am. Seems the cats wanted breakfast. They are loyal to that can opener. It was all overcast so off to the computer to check the weather. The weatherman says clouds an rain and clearing skies. Tomorrow sunny with a couple couds. Lookin pretty good. So I backed my Harley (Moonstone Zephyr) out of the garage and headed to do some errands and then lunch at the dealer and a ride. Well 5 miles from home and it started to sprinkle. 10 miles from home...light rain on the highway. Well at the dealer it is lookin real coudy but nothing bad. So off into the woods and fields 5 bikers ride. Well 10 miles later it is comming down like...buckets. We see a large tree overhanging the roadway and we stop under it . Well It is flat out raining and we are soaked. So there we sit on our hogs under the tree. Well after a half hour we headed off to a small town to get dinner as the rain had slowed. Dinner was good and the company was great. Two guys and three ladies all riding Harleys enjoying some salsa and conversation. Then about 5 pm we take to the raod to head home. It is raining we are wet and it is 40 miles to home. #($#_+@( weatherman. They will never get the weather right two days in a row. Well Here I set, warm dry and infront of my monitor thinking it was still a good day. I have my friends and my HOG. plus I am warm and dry.

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21 July 2000

Today was a better than average day. Traffic sucked. 32 miles to work and it took 90 minutes to get there on my motorcycle, and 2 hours home. Seems everyone was on the highway...BTW My bike is a 1999 Harkey Davidson Dyna Wide Glide.. Fast, loud, silver and chrome...with real leather and hand beadwork. Her name is the Moonstone Zephyr.

Anyway it was payday. The new job is nice and weekly pay checks are way cool. (I am a software test engineer) I certainly enjoy breaking software and geting paid for it. There is certainly a lot of prejudice in this business. I am 53 and the 20 & 30 yearolds think I dont understand. Well I certainly do and they just bounce along doing what ever they do...It is a self importance thing. Seems here a college grad at 20 can make 50K a year out of college and they have no wisdom to go with the money. They still run with hookers and get their new BMW's repoed and do enough coke to fund a third world country... go figure..NOT for me.

Got home fed the cats and had dinner... My better half is camping with the girls.. She does this each year.. it is a good thing.good for her..

I have been doing my websites tonight... The Harley site is getting rediculous with all the disclamers on it. And all for Harley..Heck if I had my way I wouldn't link to them.. the site was 100% better a month ago before they added their requirements.

Well Its after 1 am. and I need to pay some bills and get ready to go riding tomorrow.

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