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The Moonstone Zephyr is gone

The Moonstone Zephyr is no more.

She was traded in two weeks ago. She was replaced by a new HD FXSTD Duce. Concord Purple and Diamond Ice with lots of chrome and real leather seating. 1450cc of power and lots of torque. She throbs with each stroke and wants to be let loose on the highway. Even riding slow breaking her in she wants to run. At 60mph she is only turning 2200 rpm. She can fly. She rides so smoothly and corners like she is on a track. I have no Idea what to call her. She still offers amazement each time I start her up.

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It is Thursday night and I have been busy all day.

At work the test servers went down and testing was no use. Soon there after the live site server went down. (bad thing). So no testing at all. The techies got the live site up after an hour then the test servers up an hour after that. If I ran the business a head would roll. I would certainly have a mirrored site and seamless transitions. Plus server builds in the middle of the night instead of all day. They are lucky I wasn't in charge.

Anyway I came home early to retrofit the Moon Stone Zephyr back to stock condition. For all you new folk the Zephyr is a 1999 Harley Davidson Dyna Wideglide in Diamond Ice and chrome. There are pictures on the site. I get my 2001 Harley Davidson Duce in Concord Grape and Diamond Ice Saturday. So all the factory items went back on. About ½ of the custom items will fit the Duce. Pictures to come. So tomorrow night the stock tail lights go back on and she gets washed. I will give her a great big hug for luck in her new life.

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A long Friday

WOW.. A 9 hour day, whine, snivel, pout, drag foot on carpet.

Recieve 2015 e-mails, regress 68 bugs, write 6 class 2 bugs and still attend the company meeting. The 6 servers were up and down all day. It is raining and hailing outside. I am tired. D&# today is payday. That makes the day good again. Margarita time.

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Flying commercial aircraft is getting worse each year. It is like going to a hi price buss station. The government grants licenses to carriers to use airports and routs. Seems innocent enough but it is actually granting limited monopolies. There is a limit to who can fly where and when. So carriers have 120% of their seats sold and they admit it. Someone who booked ahead of time gets left out each flight. Well if the government got out of it. After the first lawsuit for over selling a planeload, carriers would be more considerate. And if a route were flying full all the time other carriers would fill the gap. Not now. Booked for the day too bad. And ticket prices. I just purchased RT tickets SEA to FAT for $169rt last week I purchased the same ones from the same carrier $239rt and I have been quoted $759 for the same flight before. If I could run an ice-cream stand like that. Oh.Icecream. Buy now and use in a month $1. buy now and use in 2 weeks $2. Oh you need to go this weekend. $25. Somehow it is all mixed up.I always thought if you waited to the last minute and there were seats open they sold them cheeper, oops that is standby. The seat that they did not sell to me for $759 went to a stand by person for $75. and to think I would have paid $239. It is all crazy. Well I fly to Maine next weekend. And more of this smiley - smiley

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work...ect 15 Aug 00

Only 460 emails and write 6 bugs plus regress 8 actually it is .. Where belse do you get paid bucks for breaking stuff and everyone likes it....big grin...

I am about to ghost my two computers onto extra drives.. it should be fun....

I am a Guru.....that and $2.00 will get you a cup of coffee here..too cool.

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