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Been hectic week/month not going into that now.
Seems like i'm running into much non-sense of humor. Sorta boring people. Not very witty, even though they think they are.


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Leonid meteor shower peaks, tonight?

I was just reminded about the Leonids from, of all sources, YAHOO.
smiley - planet
So, I thought I'd check out --- Nothing on the front page. Checked this weeks "Sky at a Glance" and had to search the page, CTRL+F, for "leo" because I could not find anything. There it was.smiley - online2long
You would think they would have something on the front page.? [email protected]#$
Hope the skies are clear tonight; actually, tomorrow morning.

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Waiting for lunch...

Just found out I'm pedantic. Was looking up the definition, fits, not all the time. I've been known to throw the rules to the wind on occasion. Now officially, never. smiley - biggrin In fact, at work this week, I've been a little bit of a pain. When it comes to my work I'll let everyone know when I feel something is not in line with standard procedures and in my view unacceptable. smiley - raisedeyebrow
On a lighter note, settling in with the Guide. Feeling more comfortable. Finally remembered to see what the Guide had to say about "The Mighty Boosh". Or at least began reading some of the entries. As usual, we Americans get your programs way after they become popular, and probably are no longer in existence. There's so much out there... smiley - galaxy
We will leave the Boosh for another time. Except I did read a current item about Nole Fielding on a Brit sitcom where he was playing the "Gordon Gekko" part. smiley - handcuffs The site needs a lizard smiley.
The way we get BBC shows or ideas reminds me of the reason behind the title of a great series, "The 1948 Show". Don't even know where to begin with that program. smiley - sporksmiley - cakesmiley - tea
This building we share has a "Meals on wheels" working out of it. Been smelling nothing but toast and fried eggs all morning. I'm sitting here eating raisins. Getting real close to lunch for me, hope I can make it.smiley - wah

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I do like to read on this site. Not much of a poster in general. I usually have some good ideas. Maybe I can use this to make them more clear and concise. I usually have many "Things that make you go hmmm," rattling around in my head.
LAtely I've been hearing statements that may or may not be related to an idea I'm having. But, could be interpreted in such a way.
The category I guess would be something like "Famous last words".
My favorite response, and was probably used at least a few times through history is, "I don't see what the big deal is all about". Or, something to that effect. Also, needs to said in a sort of east coast, maybe Italian accent. (needs clarification)

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Happy Birthday Debbie Harry...

smiley - bluelight Just wanted to get that out there smiley - disco

We've come a long way baby. Not sure how I feel about that.
I means, should I feel ald, or older than I already do. It's amazing how far we've come and what progress we've made; yet, still some things have changed little.

ps. smiley - modjust noticed that Pete Townshend just turned sixty five recently. smiley - smiley

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