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Happiness is a new phone...

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I just got a new phone today. After two years of having the Nokia 5190, I've decided to upgrade to an Ericsson T18z. It's a neat little toy. I like the fact that it listens to me. It's got voice activated dialling. It's got voice activated call answering and rejecting. It's got customizable ringers that you can create yourself using musical standards. It's small. It vibrates when it rings. It's got a flip. It's got a personality. And I've got it. Comparitively, it's not the most fantastic phone on the market, but it's got its uses. And I like it. It's my new toy. My hands-free kit also has a built in FM receiver, so I can look like I'm talking to myself, then end the call and bop along to a choice of radio stations. All I need is a mobile coffee shop and I'm good to take on the world...

Happiness is a new phone...

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Metal Chicken

I know just what you mean. I acquired my first mobile phone this week. (Picks it up and enjoys feeling it settle comfortably into the palm of one hand) It doesn't (I think) do half the exciting things yours does but it has buttons that beep and a whole bunch of picture messages I can send and I didn't even have to spend any money to get it. And now it's mine.
BTW, did you stop frolicking the web or just mutate into more of a technofreak?

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