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Curry for Christmas Lunch

I have finally convinced the family to have a festive curry lunch at a local restaurant with a view across the Solent..The building is the original railway station but now known as Flower Building. It's only taken 3 years to get them to realise the advantages of going straight to the turkey curry without all the palaver of a typical Christmas roast turkey lunch.

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Finally managed to see my grandson last month. He was born last July but due to various health issues we only managed to finally make our way to Norwich to meet him. Hopefully I shall be able to see him around his 1st birthday.

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Refurbishment of the basement or to give a proper title Vaginal Hysterectomy

Well it's been three weeks since I had the procedure. I was rather full of trepidation but with a womb prolapse, life had become very uncomfortable. I needn't have worried. In on a Saturday morning,out on the Sunday.

It's been three weeks and I'm out walking and getting exercise. I can't drive yet(summat about making emergency stops) but I will be slowly taking back the household chores.I must take back soon in the kitchen as the diet is slightly off as there is only one person whom can actually cook in this house(the other just relies on a bacon and egg repertoire) and he's adamant that he's too busy to do more than three days.Too many take-outs are detrimental to my weight.

Other wise it's been a lot easier than I originally thought it would be. Indeed I'm realising how abnormal matters had become in the water and sewage department.

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Seems to be what I do most these days..but at least I have a beautiful area to walk..the view across the Solent is always changing.

We get some wonderful cloudy skies and the sea is always different everyday. There's always gaily coloured yachts and fishing boats,dredgers and container transporters. Get down to the promenade at the right time and you can see the coming and goings of the cruise ships out of Southampton. Currently we have the SS Trueman anchored out in the Solent because she's too huge to enter Portsmouth Harbour..and that's really big.

It's a very good way to destress..even when it's blowing a gale and the rain is horizontal. There's also the added benefit of meeting dog owners and their lovely,friendly,mischievous and wacky four footed friends..And I do love seeing the local cormorant sitting on the warning signs on the stone groynes.Sometimes he can be seen diving for fish.

The only detraction are the cyclists who will persist even though they have their own cycleways provided and are banned from the promenade. Mind I've also had to leap out of the way of the local Hell's chapter mobility scooter gang from time to time. smiley - laugh

It's been a good way to exercise so I could go from 21 stone down to 14 stone. It's helped me to deal with all the recent family health issues. It's a terrific stress reliever.

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Another lump..

Sadly Him indoors has had another source of cancer discovered on his adrenal gland. So just as he has been feeling so much better he's facing another bout of chemo..

On the other hand I've been declared clear after my last mammogram..Not turning out to be another great year.

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