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Hi Lentilla, good to see you again

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Spaceechik, Typomancer

I checked out your revamped website -- I'm in awe of your talent, those are some really impressive masks! I looked at the Green Man, and found myself wondering if there's a Green Woman image as well. I guess there probably isn't, since it's such an old symbolism...and women weren't considered as totems of anything good, back then. Not that the Green Man is exactly positive... smiley - laugh

I have to mention, though -- I noticed a price discrepancy for your Monkey with Fez, in the gallery, it's 250, on the price page, it's 200. But don't mind me, I used to be expected to proofread *everything* for my office, back in the day.


Hi Lentilla, good to see you again

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Lentilla (Keeper of Non-Sequiturs)

Hey, SC!

Thanks so much - I've had a bit of an evolution these last two years, trying to redesign and make the masks more realistic, as well as implementing more painting techniques.

I've got several problems with the website, but have had no time to fix them! Guess I'd better get crackin - I've got a festival coming up, and I'd like all my links to work.

I decided to do some lighter masks for the women who like the leaf theme - I'm calling it the Oak Leaf mask. But I'm not labeling it specifically for women, just so I won't lose any potential male customers who want a smaller mask. I guess I'd have to do a fertility idol mask for the women!

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