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And Hello to you

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I'm sorry that I'm unable to disregard the subtle differences between this and your previous homepage, sorry. It's the first time I've been around these parts, but what I've seen, I like.

Your suspicions about the membership numbering system are not unfounded. I enquired of an ACE (= Genius or Assistant Community Editor [one of whom will doubtless accost you in due course to direct your attention to some of the various goodies available onsite]) on this point, but as yet no coherent explanation has been forthcoming. I fancy that it is a system devised by the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation accountants or the Megadodo Publications public relations department. In any event, a more sober estimate can be obtained by visiting:

I trust that your stay will be a pleasant and profitable one. If you find that you get lost in the labyrinth which is h2g2, remember:
"Don't Panic"
Most of the people around here are friendly except for those who are very friendly.

Share and Enjoy.
smiley - smiley

And Hello to you

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Welcome from me too! h2g2 is a pretty special place. Take care of you might get addicted! smiley - winkeye

And Hello to you

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Fashion Cat

Greetings! I'm a Guardian Angel, here to help your transition into this world known as h2g2!

First, and most important of all.... here's a plate of Brownies smiley - smiley

Hehe.. now you're a bit more relaxed, all I'm here to say is if you have any probs, queries etc, come to me... About anything.. where's a good place to go, where the drinks are cheap etc etc...

Here's the link to "The Overwhelmingly Huge Guide to H2G2 Clubs": always a good place to start...

And a word of advice, just nose around, find something you want to talk about and hit that reply button.. I've not been long, and already I made so many friends.... Everyone's just waiting to talk to you.

Come find me if you want.. Click on my name above...

Happy Hunting!!


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