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Not goodbye...just bonjour.

That's it. I'm packed. I now return to my homeland of Wales for five weeks of rain, pubs and sheep. This means that I won't have access to the Guide for some time but I look upon this not as something negative but as an opportunity for me to do some research.

There must surely be a plethora of Guide entries in potentia about the old Celtic land and with very little to do for the next five weeks it could just be me that writes them...

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Too eager!

Yesterday I hastily wrote an article on werewolves, only to find out later that one had already been submitted and approved. However, my article does contain new information so perhaps the existing article will be supplemented with this. I hope!

Undaunted, and determined to get something new and worthwhile submitted, I quickly researched and knocked out a second article on Phantom Hounds. These creatures have been my greatest fear for as long as I can remember and with the twisted logic only a human being could posses I have always sought out new information about them. I am therefore a walking repository of useless 'ghost dog' information so I felt uniquly qualified to write the article. Let's hope it eventually gets authorised!

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